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365 Days 3 Release Date Status on Netflix: Cast, Plot & Other Details

Can you guess which film is presently at the top of Netflix’s Top 10 Movies in the United States list? Your deductive reasoning abilities are on target if you said 365 Days: This Day! Not only is the buzzy sequel to 365 Days the most popular film on Netflix, but the original is currently ranked sixth. The takeaway? An erotic thriller’s force should never be underestimated.

Is the film 365 Days: This Day worth seeing? According to John Serba’s evaluation, the answer is no. “You could wrap the entire plot within a hollowed-out jelly bean,” Serba writes in his excellent “Stream or Skip It.” Hmm. Okay. But what if some other critics disagree? Let me simply go to Rotten Tomatoes and see what I can find. The film presently has a 0% Tomatometer rating, with Variety describing it as “piping hot rubbish.”

Regardless, a staggering number of Netflix subscribers have already watched the second 365 Days film, raising the question of whether a third 365 Days film will be released. Everything you need to know is right here.

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Does 365 Days have a part 3? When will it be on Netflix?What happen in 365 Days

The controversial Netflix film 365 Days recently received a sequel, This Day, and fans are eagerly anticipating a third instalment. The exciting news is that part three has already been confirmed, ensuring that fans of Laura and Massimo’s narrative will be able to watch what happens next.

Although no official release date has been set, we may expect to see 365 Days 3 on Netflix sooner rather than later. According to Deadline in May 2021, both 365 Days 2 and 365 Days 3 were shot back-to-back, indicating that the film’s production has likely ended.

What’s expected to happens in 365 Days 3?

The third and final instalment of the novel series, titled The Next 365 Days, opens with Massimo’s decision to keep Laura alive and give up the child following the events of the second book. He was tasked with selecting one and he chose her, but Laura is ultimately unaware of this crucial detail.

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365 Days 3 Cast

365 Days 3 Cast


  • Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura.
  • Michele Morrone as Massimo.
  • Otar Saralidze as Domenico.
  • Magdalena Lamparska as Olga.
  • Simone Susinna as Nacho.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone will reprise their roles as Laura and Massimo, respectively, while it appears that Simone Susinna will reprise her role as Nacho.

Is Laura dead?

At the conclusion of the first film, Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) survived the tunnel attack, but she lost her unborn child. Laura’s mob-boss-turned-fiancé Massimo (Michele Morrone) is unaware that she was ever pregnant. On their honeymoon, the couple engages in several sexual acts.

365 Days 3 laura

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