Is Naruto Dead in Boruto

Is Naruto Dead in Boruto? Explained!!!


After chapter one of Boruto was released, the next scenes show a foretold future about Naruto’s death and the Leaf Village in destruction. This could mean that the peace he brought is going away.

But Naruto only appeared briefly in the future, so many fans are debating whether or not he died. Some believe that if it has been done in the past like with Gaara, then there might be a way to revive him. First, we should examine if Naruto died in the Boruto series.

Is Naruto Dead in Boruto?

Naruto is not dead even though Kurama died. The fanbase, while not pleased, had to accept Naruto and the Kyuubi’s inevitable demise. The nine-tailed fox was mortally wounded after a vital gambit against Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. The new mode requires so much chakra right now, that it’s taken Kurama.

Naruto and Kurama were in dire circumstances. If the Baryon mode was not used, their energy would overwhelm them and everyone else around them including Naruto’s grandson Boruto.Is Naruto Dead in Boruto
Kurama wanted to prevent this but he also knew that if Naruto knew the full truth about what would happen with the use of the said mode, then there is Boruto seems to imply that Naruto is dead, based on the events in Episode 204.

The episode starts with Sasuke and Naruto facing a villain known as Garasia (or Jigen). After a lengthy battle, it seemed like they had finally defeated him – only for Garasia to deliver one final attack on Naruto before he teleported away.

The future that fans have seen may still be far away from the current setting of Naruto’s manga, but by paying close attention to how things were laid out in the first chapter, we can decide whether or not Naruto dies.

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