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PayPal says $2,500 fine for ‘misinformation’ was posted to policy in error

(Tnd) — Paypal was chastised for changing its user policy, stating that users would be fined $2,500 for ‘promoting Misinformation.’ The Company has now issued a statement stating that the policy was “posted in error,” reversing the policy and removing it from the User Agreement.

The Money App drew a lot of flak online, with critics wondering how a private company could levy such a fine on its own customers.


“An Aup Notice was recently sent out in error, containing incorrect information.” Paypal does not penalise users for providing incorrect information, and this language was never intended to be included in our policy. Our Policy Pages Are Being Corrected By Our Teams. “We apologise for any confusion this has caused,” said a Paypal spokesperson in a statement.

Paypal’s former CEO even poked fun at the company’s blunder. “It’s difficult for me to openly criticise a company that I once loved and gave so much to. However, @paypal’s new AUP contradicts everything I believe in. A private company can now decide whether or not to take your money if you say something with which they disagree. Insanity, “He sent a tweet.

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