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Miss Usa Rocked By Favoritism, Cheating Claims As Contestants Storm Off Stage

There Is No Peace In The World Of The Miss USA Pageant.

The Organization Is Being Rocked By Cheating And Favoritism Accusations, And Contestants Aren’t Hiding Their Feelings, As Several Walked Off The Stage When Miss Texas, R’bonney Gabriel, Was Crowned The New Winner.

Several Contestants Are Convinced That R’bonney Was The Predetermined Winner, As Evidenced By The Lead Up To The Monday, Oct. 3, Crowning Ceremony. The Seemingly-shunned Women Point To The Fact That The Asian And Filipina American Was Hugely Tight With Miss USA Director Crystal Stewart And Visited A Plastic Surgery Spa, A Key Part Of The Winning Prize, Weeks Before Being Crowned. The Eventual Winner — Miss Texas — Also Participated In A Pageant Coaching Business That Is Run By Crystal, Which Solidified The Women’s Friendship.

Miss Montana, Heather Lee O’keefe, Took To Tiktok To Outline The Cheating Claims.

“Most Of The Miss Usa Contestants Feel Very Strongly That There Was Favoritism Towards Miss Texas Usa And We Have The Receipts To Prove It,” She Said In A Tiktok Video, Via Mailonline. “We Are Putting Our Titles On The Line, Putting Our Reputations On The Line.


She stated in another video, “That is how strongly we believe in and stand up for what is right. Many of us have even stated that we are willing to relinquish our titles in order to take this stand because we are so serious about it.”

While it is customary for Miss USA contestants to remain on stage and applaud the winner, video showed a mass exodus of the beauty queens following R’bonney’s victory.

Rivals of Miss Texas believe the fix was in place long before the crowning ceremony. Crystle doing R’bonney‘s hair weeks before the ceremony is just one piece of the puzzle. Heather also pointed to a video of R’bonney being pampered at the Nizuc Resort & Spa over two months ago — the resort tweeted the video shortly after the win. The Spa Visit Is Usually Given In The Days Following The Win, Not Months Before.

“@missusa was crowned less than 24 hours ago, and she already has a sponsored vacation to @nizucresort,” Heather explained. “Are you serious? I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but this is just embarrassing.”

Heather also claims that she was the only one featured on the Miss USA website. Furthermore, it has been revealed that one of the Miss Usa judges is the alleged founder of a beauty company affiliated with Nizuc.

“Ever Since Miss Texas Was Crowned A Couple Months Ago, She Has Been Shown Favoritism By The Miss Usa Organization Through Their Businesses, All Of Which Are Also Owned By The Same Woman,” Heather explained.

Former Miss USA Contestant Jasmine Jones, who has been involved in pageantry for a decade, also stated that the favouritism is “obvious” and that the mass exodus was a “big reveal” that “something was off.”

“Girls were literally clapping [weakly] and exiting the stage before she even turned around for her congratulatory hug from other contestants,” she explained. “The Contestants Behind Her Were Exiting The Stage Before She Even Got Halfway Down The Runway For Her Crowning Moment.”

Heather claimed that several women in the class of 2021 had filed a lawsuit against the organisers.

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