Overlord Season 4: Storyline, Confirmed Cast And Everything You Need To Know!

The popular anime Overlord is returning for its fourth season. It has been a long time since the last episode of season 3 was aired. Almost a year and a half have passed since then.

Overlord is an adaptation of a Light Novel series by Kugane Maruyama. It was aired back in 2015 and was hugely popular with the fans.

The plot of the anime series is very unique involving virtual gaming. The story is set in 2138 when virtual online gaming is ruling the world. When an online game shuts down a gamer refuses to log off.

He gets sucked into the game and becomes a powerful wizard named “Momonga”. As Momonga starts ruling the new fantasy world with an iron fist killing everyone who opposes him. Find more about the story here – Overlord (TV).

So this was a new concept and it pleased the fans greatly.

Overlord Season 3 Ending


Season 3 of Overlord had a total of 13 episodes. Here is a brief story of the season 3 finale :

Ainz gets brief control of E-Rantel after killing Gazeff. The fight was a short one as Gazeff was no match for Ainz. Brain and Climb are grief-stricken by Gazeff’s death. Ainz puts  Momon in charge of the city. But Momon is a puppet of Ainz.

Momon will report any rebellions against Ainz’s rule. Jircniv was astonished on hearing about Ainz’s newfound power.

Read the complete story here- Overlord III Episode 13 Review.

Fans were not overly pleased with season 3 finale so they have great expectations from season 4.


Overlord' season 4 release date, production, spoilers: Is season 4 ...

Overlord Season 4 Plot

Though there is not much known about the season 4 plot, it expected Ainz will continue as the villain from season 3.  The story will also feature the Great Tomb and Capital Einzer from the last seasons.

The producers of the show said they will add 20 editions of the manga in the story. So that is a huge deal. Read more about the plot here – The Plot of Overlord Season 4.

Cast & Crew

The cast for Season 4 largely remains the same. It will include all previous characters like Mosanga, Satoshi Hino, Manami Kamakura, and Shalltear Bloodfallen. So

There are rumors that Season 4 might introduce new characters. Check out the cast for season 4 here – Overlord Season 4 Cast and Crew Revealed

Release Date

Overlord season four was due to come out in Spring 2020. But as the world is now suffering from the COVID – 19 outbreak schedule of release might change.

Since the COVID – 19 crisis won’t be stable soon, the release date of season 4 might be postponed to 2nd January 2021.


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