Jon Bernthal: The Punisher Actor Completes 10 Years Of Marital Bliss With Wife Erin Angle! Here Is How He Balances Between His Work And Family…

Jon Bernthal who is well known for his roles in The Punisher and The Walking Dead has completed 10 years of marriage with wife Erin Angle.

Jon Bernthal Completes 10 Years Of Togetherness With Wife Erin Angle

The Walking Dead actor married his long time girlfriend Erin Angle on August 25, 2010. And this marks their 10 years of marital bliss. Bernthal and Erin are blessed with three children together.

Jon Bernthal
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Erin is the niece of famous WWE wrestler Kurt Angle. But she was always away from the limelight. And even now she is away from limelight and is a home maker. Bernthal is also quite a private person but keeps on sharing snaps with his family on his social media accounts.

Thus the couple is leading quite a blissful married life.

Balancing Work And Family

Well we are aware that Bernthal is quite a dedicated actor as well. Thus we can already assume how hectic his work schedule is. In that case it becomes quite difficult for him to balance between his family and children.

Jon Bernthal
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During an interview Bernthal had given us a sneak peak on how he balances both work and family. So the mantra he follows is that he shifted to a very small town with his family. And that is because when he comes home to be with them he doesn’t get disturbed by work. Moreover he also stays away from using cellphone when with his family.

Moreover he revealed that it is quite tough for him to manage everything in a tight schedule. But he is aware that his family needs him especially the children. Therefore Bernthal tries his best to be with them as much as he can.

Thus we got the secret of how Bernthal has had such a successful career without his personal life being hampered!

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