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One Piece Chapter 1051 Spoiler: Story recap, New Shogun and Tama Flashback

Monkey D. Luffy has finally defeated Kaido in One Piece after over 100 chapters. Everyone is now anticipating Luffy’s next bounty, which will be revealed in Chapter 1051 of the manga series.

Luffy was defeated by Kaido multiple times during the battle, but the Straw Hat Captain eventually overcame the Emperor of the Seas using his newly discovered “Gear 5” abilities. He makes a fist the size of Onigashima island and punches Kaido, sending him beneath the surface of the island. Several fans expected Kaido to rise up and fight Luffy once more, but the Narrator unexpectedly named Monkey D. Luffy as the winner.

Story till One Piece Chapter 1050

In One Piece chapter 1050, Luffy and Kaido fought to a great finish. Kaido falls deep into a pit of lava while he is unconscious. Big Mom also fell into the same pit. The second impact causes a volcano to erupt underwater, and it looks like both objects are caught in the middle. As the Fire Festival is coming to a close, Nekomamushi tells everyone that Luffy has won, and Yamato stops the Beasts Pirates from fighting any more.

Momonosuke tells Zunesha that for now, he doesn’t want to open the borders of Wano. Momonosuke goes back to being himself when the people of Wano mistake him for Kaido. At the same time, Komurasaki and Kyoshiro appear, and Kyoshiro announces the new Shogun of Wano Country. And One Piece will continue from here in the next chapter.

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Here’s the Spoiler for One Piece Chapter 1051!!!

One Piece Chapter 1051 is named “Shogun of Wano Kozuki Momonosuke,” and its cover depicts Germas’ escape, according to early teasers. The chapter continues off right where the previous one left off, with Momonosuke delivering an astonishing speech to the entire population of Wano. Momo is also appointed as the new Shogun for the people of the island, as the title suggests. The Narrator of the story also verifies that Momo is the next Shogun, and that he will be recognised as the best Shogun for Wano land in history.

Following that, the chapter displays a brief flashback in which we see Tama’s powers only last a month. Finally, we meet Yamato, who joins Monkey D. Luffy’s crew. Few members of the gang are surprised by Yamato’s choice, although others are relieved. Fans expected Yamato to join the Straw Hat Pirates after she aided the crew in their fight against Kaido.

New Shogun and Tama Flashback

This chapter will also show who will be the Shogun of Wano Country. It will also show what Tama can do.

Momonosuke gives a speech, and he will be the Shogun. People on Twitter talked about what they hope to see in the raw scan.

Fans want to know what Momonosuke would look like as an adult. Shinobu moved his body forward in time twenty years.

The first spoiler is that Momonosuke will be made Shogun. The narrator also says that he will be Wano countries’ best shogun ever. Is this true or false? Tama’s flashback shows that the power of her devil fruit only lasts a month. What do you think about it?

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