NYC Correction Officer, Captain In Thanksgiving Scuffle, Career Suspect Slashes

NYC Correction Officer, Captain In Thanksgiving Scuffle, Career Suspect Slashes

On Thanksgiving Day a career criminal gang-banger with 70 previous busts cut a probation officer in his arm and stabbed a captain in his knee at the Manhattan Detention Facility, union officials said Friday.

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The convict, known by the Benevolent Union of Correctional Officers as Franklyn Dominguez, a member of the Latin Kings, had already clashed with two captains of the Correction. And waved a pointed piece of metal when the officer stepped out of the elevator in Lower Manhattan and stepped directly into the fray in the vestibule.

“He was screaming that he was supposed to go home yesterday, why was he still here? “The cop, who refused to give his name, told the Post.

Career criminal slashes NYC correction officer, captain in jail scuffle -  News Brig

Domínguez reportedly declined to remove the weapon.

Yet according to the spokeswoman, he started to swing the piece of metal even more aggressively, cutting the officer in his arm.

The officers used the pepper spray again—when the prisoner slid to the floor, stabbing the female captain with a pistol on the knee, sources said.

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The cop who had been with force for three years needed ten stitches for his injuries. He that he had to take some time out to recover.

On Friday, he said that he is in a little pain. The way he usually do, he can’t move his arm.

According to the COBA spokesperson, the captain also needed stitches.

Since then, all Correction personnel have been treated and discharged from the hospital.

Career criminal slashes NYC correction officer, captain in jail scuffle -  Report Door

Domínguez’ Crime Records

Domínguez has been arrested 70 times. He has been in jail on pending charges of contempt for breach of the security order. Also, he has been involved in the battle against another prisoner in the past, the spokesperson added.

He has also been involved in 84 domestic accidents, the spokesperson added.

In the past, the prisoner had created difficulties in his living area. And according to the guard, he had to transfer to another part of the jail.

The attack happened approximately a month after a female correctional officer was stabbed. She was stabbed in hand by a gang member in Rikers Island custody. 

Jason Kersten said that the officer and the captain escorted the detainee to the Manhattan Detention Complex when the detainee attacked them.

He added that the safety and well-being of their workers are of the highest priority. And they do not allow assaults on staff employed to ensure that our services are secure. The event is under investigation.

While this carnage is unfolding, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson is pushing for legislation that would eliminate punitive segregation and threaten the lives of all of us in our prisons,” said COBA President Benny Boscio Jr. in a statement calling the legislation “as a significant threat to our officers as well as to the prisoners who are attacking us unpunished.


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