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Who Is Talulah Riley Dating, What Is The Actress Doing Now?

Actor Talulah Riley has been out of the spotlight for quite some time now. Actress Talulah Riley is known for her roles in movies like Pride and Prejudice, Inception, The Boat that Rocked and St Trinians.

Westworld along with HBO also cast her as Angela for their science-fiction Western television series Westworld. But the dating life of Talulah Riley has not been an easy one. Talulah Riley is now focusing on writing fiction. In 2016, she released her first novel Acts Of Love.

Talulah Riley has started to cultivate her new life as an author after spending the last few years in relative anonymity. She lives with Timmy, a border collie and Roscoe, a labrador at her four-bedroom home in Brentwood, California. Talulah admits that she doesn’t have many close friends here in Los Angeles. Now, her sole focus is authorship; literature was a passion of hers before acting became a priority.

Talulah Riley is an English actress who was reportedly the wife of French entrepreneur and co-founder of surfing company Quiksilver, Benoit Guerrand.

Who is Talulah Riley Dating?

Elon Musk, a billionaire businessman and global engineering expert, was in a relationship with actress Talulah Riley at one point. The couple got married twice- first in 2010 and then in 2013- but sadly their marriage ended both times after eventually divorcing in 2016.

There are many similarities which can be drawn between the two of them, given Even though he got divorced from his first wife, Justine, Elon Musk was seen out on the town with Space Ex investor Bill Lee. In Mayfair while Talulah attended as just a rising star and one of the model friends there to party at the club Mist.

Participate in: Both Talulah Riley and Elon Musk quickly hit it off, meeting at a club. “He was nervous, so I decided to be nice to him,” she remembers. “We just seemed to hit it off.”

The couple of British actress Talulah Riley and video game programmer (then, businessperson) Sam Houser got married two times- in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 they divorced. On being asked why did they divorce, they replied that just fell out of love with each other.

When the couples loved each other but finally decided to stop living Though the pair divorced in 2012, they reconciled a year later. In 2013, Musk and Riley again remarried and have since renewed their vows on multiple occasions. But years later they divorced for a second time in 2016. This time, the couple had separated and were no longer together.

Furthermore, Talulah Riley also known as the actress is also divorced and she is now in a relationship with Elon.Talulah Riley Dating

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Rumors About The Relationship

Ghislaine Maxwell, a socialite and associate of Jeffrey Epstein – who was arrested on suspicion of sex trafficking minors in New York last month, has been rumored to have set up Elon Musk with the actress Talulah Riley. The rumors were fueled by photographs shared on social media in 2014 showing both party attendees at a Vanity Fair event.

The rumors were that Talulah was set up as a child bride by Ghislaine Maxwell. Talulah put the rumor to rest and revealed that neither she nor Elon knew Ghislaine Maxwell. They met at the nightclub.

Addressing a photo, Elon tweeted that he didn t even see her and that she photobombed while he was posing for the camera. The former couple did admit to going to Jeffrey Epstein s house as a part of an itinerary of appointments. They went there for merely thirty minutes.

They saw nothing other than the wired art he had. He also revealed that Epstein was trying to invite Elon to his private island and also set his brother Kimbal, with a girl in order to get close to him. Elon denied that he had offered Jeffery any tour at Space X or any favor from the CEO.

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