My First First Love Season 3

My First First Love Season 3 Release Date: Is it Confirmed or Cancelled on Netflix?


When people are stuck in their homes because of the pandemic, they find comfort in their favourite TV shows. They try to imagine what their college life would have been like if the pandemic hadn’t happened. They watch school and college k-drama as a way to get away from it. It was one of the k-dramas that made people think about their college days because the storey made them want more. Almost two years have gone by since the two seasons of “My First First Love” came out. Hope for the third season of “My First First Love” isn’t dead. What’s going to happen? A look at all the new things!

 The storey of two childhood friends, Yoon Tae Oh and Han Song Yi, began in 2015 with the TV show “Because It’s My First Time,” which told their storey. Life isn’t as easy as it was when they were younger and going to school. Unspoken feelings and awkward silences start to show up in friendships when there are love triangles. Also, things that can’t be explained start to happen. After another year of college, the friends decide to live together. They start living together. There are times when feelings take over again.

My First First Love Season 2 Recap: Ending Explained

After Yoon Tae O turned 20, he was finally able to live. From a family where the father was always very busy and the stepmother was always angry, Tae O was excited to go to college. His grandfather’s old house, along with the most beautiful and popular girl Se Hyun, is finally his. He also has to follow some rules. And with that, he started his adult life. That dream quickly comes to an end when his friends move into his house because of their own problems and have nowhere else to go. Tae O had come to terms with his feelings for Song Yi by the time we took a break. That was too late for him because Song Yi was already dating his best friend, Do Hyun. Do Hyun was already dating Song Yi.

Song Yi and Do Hyun are in a relationship, and Tae O, who is an adult, decides to do what he can to help them. Even though he does everything he can to hide his feelings, it doesn’t really work out that way. Childhood best friends end up hiding something from everyone in the house. It was the way they felt and the way they cared for each other. And the love has always been there, but we didn’t see it because of the new setting. Song Yi has always had Tae O by her side. The time when he stood by her and took her in when her mother left her. There was also the time he came to save her from a creepy college senior.

My First First Love Season 3 Renewed Or Canceled

Because the show finished on a pleasant note, there will not be a third season of ‘My First First Love,’ which is a disappointment. The charming cast has obviously moved on to other projects and events in their lives as well. While there has been no word from the production team or the network on whether or not another season is in the works, we did see all of Tae’s pals leave the house and start their own lives elsewhere. Consequently, there isn’t much left to cover in the upcoming season. Tae O, Song Yi, Do Hyun, Ga Rin, and Hoon grew up together and went on to start their adult lives, which is something that we all hope to do after college. Tae O, Song Yi, Do Hyun, Ga Rin, and Hoon grew up together and went on to start their adult lives, which is something that we all hope to do after college.

My First First Love Season 3 Cast
My First First Love Season 3 Cast

My First First Love Season 3 Expected Cast

  • Tae-oh Kang (Choe Hun)
  • Ji Soo (Yun Tae)
  • Chae-Yeon Jung (Han Song-I)
  • Jung Jinyoung (See Do-hyeon)
  • Choi Ri (Oh Ga-rin)
  • Halley Kim (Han Song)
  • Michelle Mao (Oh Ga-rin)
  • Andy Han (Seo Do-Hyeon)

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Where To Watch My First First Love Season 3

‘My First First Love’ is a television series that includes two seasons, both of which are accessible to watch on the streaming service Netflix. Both seasons include eight episodes apiece, with each episode clocking in at approximately 55 minutes in running time. When it becomes clear that there will be no season 3 of ‘My First First Love,’ binge-watching the first two seasons is the only option left for fans, and it doesn’t appear to be all that horrible!

My First First Love Season 3 Trailer

At this time, there hasn’t been an official trailer produced, but we should have one shortly. You can enjoy the remainder of the season till then. Hopefully, the final release date as well as a trailer for the third season of My First First Love will be announced in the near future. For those who haven’t already, we recommend that you watch the excellent Korean drama in the meanwhile to get a feel for it.

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