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Knight’s and Magic Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast And News About The Series

Knight’s and Magic is a relatively new anime series that has gained significant popularity in a short period of time. This is evidence that anime is still alive and well, and that the studios aren’t yet at the end of their rope in terms of excellent concepts and decent mangas to translate into animated series. However, it has been a full four years since the conclusion of the last season in September 2017. So, will there be a second season of The Walking Dead? Let’s have a look.

Knight’s and Magic Season 1 Recap

An automobile accident results in the death of Tsubasa Kurata, a software engineer and hardcore mecha enthusiast from Japan. The tale begins with his death. In a subsequent rebirth, he finds himself in the fantasy Fremmevilla Kingdom, a medieval country where huge, powerful mechs known as Silhouette Knights are employed in the battle against terrifying creatures known as Demon Beasts. Tsubasa is reincarnated as Ernesti ‘Eru’ Echavalier, the son of an aristocratic family, in this setting. He enrolls in the Royal Laihiala Academy, an exclusive magic school where the pilots of the Silhouette Knights, known as Knight Runners, are being prepared to face threats both within and beyond the kingdom. He is blessed with exceptional magical powers as well as memories of a previous existence. Later, he forms a partnership with Adeltrud Olter and her twin brother, Archid, with the objective of piloting a Silhouette Knight of his own design, something that has been unheard of for hundreds of years.

Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Renewed Or Canceled

However, while the Eight Bit (8Bit) studio did an excellent job adapting the Japanese light novel series into an anime and completing it in a timely manner, they have not announced a second season as of yet. The likelihood of renewal, on the other hand, is extremely high. First and foremost, the first season had a generally favorable rating on MyAnimeList, garnering an amazing 7.10 out of 100,735 votes. Hopefully, this will be sufficient motivation for the studio to explore a new season. Allow us to take into consideration that the show’s DVD sales have been rather successful, with approximately 3000 sales each week in December 2017.

There is one fundamental concern, though, that could prevent 8Bit from continuing with a second season: there is simply not enough source material available. It will be necessary for the studio to either create the tale from scratch or wait for further source material in order to adapt to a new season of the show. I believe they will hold off until they have more source material, which means we may have to wait several more years for fresh stuff. We are unable to announce a release date at this time due to the fact that we have not even received a renewal. We’ll keep an eye out for any future developments on your behalf.

Knight's and Magic Season 2 Cast
Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Cast

Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Expected Characters

Ernesti Echevalier:

Ernesti is the primary protagonist of the series, and he was previously known as Kurata Ksubasa in a previous life. He is simply enamored with mecha robots and is willing to go to any length to achieve his goal of becoming a pilot for one of the massive machines. Nevertheless, he is also extremely kind and shows genuine concern for those in his immediate vicinity. When he learns about Addy and Kid’s background, he expresses a great deal of sympathy and support for them. In his previous life, he went by the name of Kurata and lived on the streets, where he spent the most of his time playing video games. Due to his previous experience as a competent programmer, he is able to draw various parallels between his own programmed games and his new magical realm. After a series of unfortunate events, he is struck by a car while crossing the street and dies as a result. He is fortunate in that he awakens in a world that he has always imagined.

Adeltrud Walter:

Adeltrud, also known as “Ady,” is one of the main characters in the TV show. Her stepdad was going to show up at her house when she was 9 years old, so she ran away home. To get away, she climbed to the top of her house and got into a fight with her brother. Even though she was having a bad argument, she somehow fell off the roof. Ernesti woke her up safe and sound. She thinks Ernesti is a girl at first because he looks like a girl. Later, she realizes that he is a boy in a girl’s body.

Archid Walter:

In Adeltrud’s family, there is a twin brother named Archid Walter. He is tall and has black, spiky hair. Most of the time, he wears a maroon overcoat with golden edges. After training with Ernesti, when he was in middle school, he became very strong and outstripped most of his peers in strength. Adeltrud was always able to do more than him. Their father broke up with them as kids and they were raised in a very far away town.

Ambrosius Fremmevilla:

His name is Ambrosius, and he has ginger hair. He’s the 10th ruler of the Kingdom of Fremmevilla, and his name is Ambrosius. He is smart, clever, and usually puts his own needs above those of others.

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Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Expected Plotline

A book called “Knight’s and Magic” is about Tsubasa Kurata, who died in a car accident and was taken to a fantasy world. When the Silhouette Knights fight demons in a fantasy world, the name of it is the Fremmevilla Kingdom. Ernesti Echevarria is Tsubasa’s new name, and he comes from a wealthy family that can use magic. In the novel, Adeltrud and Archid Olter help him build his Silhouette Knight to protect the world. He asks for their help.

Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of the second season is not available right now, but we have given a link to the trailer of the previous season till then you can watch it.