“Love Island UK Season 2” Which Couples Are Still Together?

Fans will get to see Love Island season 9 at the start of the New Year. This will be the show’s second winter season, after the first one in 2020. While fans wait for the hot new bombshells to enter the villa, many of the couples they fell in love with early on in the series have gone through big changes in their lives, such as major breakups, lavish weddings, and having children.

The hookups and crazy things the season 2 couples have done on and off the show have made headlines, but after seven years, it’s clear that everyone has loved and lost.

Kady And Scott

Kady And Scott

According to Capital FM, after leaving the villa in third place, Kady and Scott moved in together but broke up in the summer of 2017. They got back together but broke up again in December 2017 for the last time. Kady said that the breakup was because of their different lifestyles and where they were in their lives. She also said that they fought too much, which was too much.

Her Instagram says that Kady is now single and living the life of an influencer, which means she is traveling the world and modeling for different clothing brands. Scott is also single, according to his Instagram. He loves being an uncle to his brother’s two kids while he works as a presenter.

Cara And Nathan

Nathan and Cara got together on the first day and by the time they left the villa, they had won not only the show but also found the love of their lives. According to Cara’s Instagram, Nathan and Cara got married after being on the show and are now raising their two children.

But that’s not the only thing the couple has done since leaving the show. Nathan, who loves golf, is an ambassador for Callaway Golf Europe. Cara is a co-owner of Embroidery By FJ, a company that makes personalized clothes for kids. Cara and Nathan, who were one of the winning couples on Love Island, show that true love can be found anywhere, even on a reality TV show.

Alex And Olivia

Alex & Olivia

Alex and Olivia are Still together. They got married in 2021 and had a son in 2022. Based on Alex’s Instagram, they love being parents.

Katie & Adam M

Katie and Adam M

Katie and Adam M. devised creative ways to show how much they loved each other while they lived in the villa. This led to memes that sum up life on Love Island. Metro UK says that the two also came up with creative ways to explain why they broke up. They were the first couple from season two to break up.

Since then, Katie has had a baby girl in 2022 and got engaged in 2021, according to her Instagram and Metro UK, respectively. The Mirror says they broke up about six months after her daughter was born. Adam’s Instagram says that he is also single, focused on his career as a professional wrestler, and doesn’t have any kids.

Rachel And Rykard

Rachel & Rykard

Rachel and Rykard had one of the sweetest moments in the history of Love Island when Rykard said he wouldn’t stay on the show without Rachel. After they left the villa, they dated for a year and a half, which is a long time for the show, but according to The Mirror, they broke up.

Rykard is single and focused on his job as an Aesthetic Practitioner and director of the Rejuvenation Clinic in the UK, according to his Instagram. Rachel now lives in Dubai. Based on her Instagram, she has been in a relationship for more than a year and is happy with her new life.

Tom And Malin

Tom & Malin

Metro UK says that the Love Island villa mates tried to find love, even though they never got together on the show. Tom said that they were just hanging out together and that their love was not meant to be.

Heat World says that Tom dated Married at First Sight AUS star Tamara Joy until Covid lockdowns made them stop seeing each other in 2021. Yahoo! Sports said that Malin broke up with her boyfriend Jared soon after she had her daughter. She is now single and raising her daughter with her ex-boyfriend.

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