There Won’t Be Locke & Key Season 4 On Netflix: Everything You Need To Know

One of Netflix’s most popular fantasy horror shows, Locke and Key recently completed its third season. Based on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodrguez’s IDW comic book series of the same name, the series originally debuted on Netflix in February 2020 and has filled the Stranger Things-shaped hole in fans’ lives, airing the first two seasons between the show’s three-year break. Now that it’s back for a third season, one of the biggest questions among fans is, “Will there be a Locke and Key Season 4?”

Season 4 Of Locke & Key Has Not Been Confirmed!

I finished the final eight episodes of Locke and Key season 3 over the weekend and had the same thought as many others. “Wait, is the show just…ending now?” Was that the end of the series?” The answer is…yes, it was. There will be no Locke and Key season 4 because when it was picked up for the third season, it was announced that it would be the final one.

It’s an unusual consideration for a Netflix series, which are either such huge hits that they run for 5-7 years, or they do well, then taper off, then get canceled, ending on some season finale cliffhanger, never being able to wrap up their plot threads. Locke and Key is a rare show that, despite not being one of Netflix’s mega-hits, gets an ending thanks to some actual planning that went into production between the showrunners and Netflix itself.

It keeps the show from being relegated to the Netflix graveyard of shows that run for 1-3 seasons and end unfinished, as Locke and Key now represents a complete series in the Netflix catalog. And, to be honest, it doesn’t have a lot of those.

What is the story of Locke and Key?

The plot centers on three siblings, Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler, who return to their childhood home, Key House. Aside from the haunting memories of their Father’s murder, numerous magical keys are hidden throughout the house.

As more of the past is revealed, the series settles into a more consistent rhythm, swinging between teen drama and fantastical adventures (as we later discover, comes back to haunt the family).
As more key characters are introduced to the main story over the course of three seasons, the stakes rise.

Where To Stream Locke & Key All Season

Locke & Key’s first three seasons are now available on Netflix.

Locke & Key Season Final Trailer

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Bode Locke is Rendell and Nina Locke’s six-year-old son, Tyler and Kinsey Locke’s younger brother, and Duncan Locke’s nephew. He is the Locke child who finds almost all of the Keys, as described by the house “showing” him.

The keys are made of “Whispering Iron,” a metallic substance formed by demons who pass through the Black Door (the Omega Key door) but do not immediately possess a human host.

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