The Messiest Celebrities Breakups

Divorce can be a very difficult experience for any couple. If you have to endure this test, we advise you to contact a lawyer who can help you through the hardships of divorce. Companies like Awslaw provide assistance of professional lawyers not only for divorce but also for other areas of the law. A lawyer will help you succeed in the lawsuit, and save your budget and nerves. In this article, we will recall which couples did not limit themselves to a quiet settlement of differences, but decided to make a huge scandal out of their separation and employed the best lawyers.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney

Two years of litigation became the loudest family scandal in the history of the British justice system. At the same time, the gentleman Paul tried to settle everything amicably: in 2006, he offered his wife a generous compensation of 20 million pounds. However, Heather decided to use the law to recapture a larger amount from her husband. The honor of the former model in court was defended by Fiona Shackleton, a lawyer nicknamed “Steel Magnolia”, who previously represented the interests of Prince Charles. Thanks to such support, Mills remembered everything about her ex-husband: drug addiction, periodic beatings, and despotism. The most scandalous divorce, according to lawyers, significantly damaged McCartney’s reputation. According to Heather, it was Paul who prevented her from developing and continuing her successful modeling career. But Mills herself helped her beloved in everything, so she asked for a serious reward. However, the judge rejected almost all claims against Paul, and instead of 125 million pounds, ordered the singer to pay 48 million pounds. The loud divorce of the stars benefited Heather. In addition to money, McCartney’s ex-wife received a new piece of popularity. She was included in the top 100 sexiest women in the world, according to the British FHM. Paul, on the other hand, reacted philosophically to the breakup: he wrote the ballad “My Soul”.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The history of actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is called the case when one loved, and the second allowed himself to be loved. They met in 2010 when Amber was 24 years old and openly declared her homosexuality, being in a relationship with a woman photographer. Because of Amber, Depp left Vanessa Paradis, with whom he lived for almost 14 years. They became close on the set and the actress began to manipulate Johnny Depp. She left and came back, and Johnny wasted money to get the girl he loved back. In 2014, he proposed to her. After the wedding, Amber’s career took off sharply, but Depp began to drink alcohol more and more often. Later, the newly-minted wife began to be noticed in relationships with other men. In 2016, Amber filed for divorce, citing “domestic violence” as the reason for the separation. But in court hearings, Johnny Dep denied this information, stating that he never raised his hand to his young wife. The litigation of this couple also continues to this day and provides lawyers with a lot of work and fabulous fees.

Shakira and Antonio de la Rua

They had long relationships, which were so calm and harmonious that even the paparazzi did not arouse interest. Everything changed in 2012 when Antonio waited for the singer’s pregnancy and sued her. According to Antonio’s claim, the singer did not pay him a large amount due to his active work on the image of a star. From a peaceful separation, the situation turned into a scandalous divorce of stars. Antonio demanded $252.000.000. In response to Antonio’s greed, Shakira filed a counterclaim against him, claiming that her ex was not doing his job well enough to run the business. In 2013, the dispute was resolved in favor of Shakira. This means that the celebrity is not obliged to pay compensation. The scandalous divorce came to an end, but the press and fans talked about all the specifics in the media and on social media for a very long time.

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