Kenosha: The Cops Have Booked More Than 175 People From 44 Different Cities Linked With The Violent Protests.

Kenosha Protests
Source: Kenosha News

The ongoing protests in Kenosha after the shooting of Jacob Blake is becoming more violent. Thus causing civil unrest in the entire country. The police has made some arrests linked to the protests.

Police Makes More Than 175 Arrests Linked To The Kenosha Protests

The violent protests in Kenosha has caused unrest in the entire country. The protests which followed after the merciless shooting of African American Jacob Blake has become the cause of civil unrest. And it became a cause of the anti-racist protests in Kenosha.

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These protests have taken a violent turn. And in relation to which Kenosha police has made some arrests. After which they have elaborated about the arrests in their recent Press release. According to the press release more than 175 people have been arrested. And they come from 44 different cities but the name of the cities have not been disclosed.

These people have been charged for igniting violence, breaking curfew rules  and possession of illegal arms. Moreover the Kenosha policed have also seized vehicles carrying arms, fireworks, gas masks and other things meant for triggering violence. It is suspected that all these things were being carried to attempted to create unrest during Trump’s upcoming Kenosha visit.

The Civil Unrest

The anti racist movement is going on all over the United States. And it began from the merciless killing of George Floyd under police custody.

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After that the killing of Breonna Taylor added more fuel to the protests. And the recent shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha has resulted in an ultimate civil unrest. Although Blake has survived the attack but his spinal cord is completely damaged. Therefore he much not be able to walk again.

This attack has been termed as an attempted racial killing as well. Therefore these anti-racist protests in Kenosha as well as other places have erupted to a large extent.

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