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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Philadelphia, Tuesday, June 2, 2020. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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“Biden Did This”: Why Trump And Dropping Poll Numbers Became The Reason For His Act?

Biden’s Recent Campaign is an insult to American citizens. However, this previous month, Biden had an interview with television for 10 times. The nine interviews of him were generally about how local small stations. Biden’s rest of the interview went with American television host Joy Reid of MSNBC.

Joe has refused to answer any follow-up questions that come from the press. Biden’s campaign is trying to make people believe that COVID-19 is the reason for Biden’s invisibility. The campaign wants to spread this belief to all American Citizens. In short, Biden is being vulnerable.

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Biden’s Participation.

Joe Biden has been the part of many issues that occurred during the country. He has participated in many political issues such as Law and Order, Hyde Amendment, Trade Deals, The problem caused by China. He is making his own strategy to make voters come to his side.

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Why People Should Be Concerned With Biden

The voters of the country should know what Biden is going to do this year. During the Democratic convention, He did not give any new ideas or discussions about new policies. The whole convention went on with Biden’s empathy and revealed many flaws of Donald Trump.

The whole country should be grateful because of Mr. Trump and his alliance with Republic who managed to remove the Democrat candidate from hiding. Joe has already planned to visit the Swing States, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

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People Unhappy With Riots

Biden has decided to wait until the labor day, to make his planning successfully before taking the big step. The campaign executives see each day as their precious opportunity to please people. Although, the election is going to take place within 9 weeks.

The Drooping polls are not concerning Biden. The reports say they have are being forced by Biden who condemns the riots and violence that have shaken the other democrats.


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