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Karen Harasses Bank Employee And Goes Live on Facebook Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’Mask

A woman label  “Karen” says she was asked to take out her money from Well Fargo after she got live on Facebook inside the Bank and threatened an employee to remove his mask on which ‘Black Lives Matter’ was quoted.

Victoria Redstall , whose Facebook Profile says she goes to the office with Rep.Mike Garcia(R-Calif), uploaded a video around two weeks ago on Facebook. A 240 seconds reprimand is going on at the Wells Fargo Branch.

Source: dailydot.com

Karen Harasses Bank Employee: Revealing The Truth 

The footage starts with her speaking facing the camera about inconsistency about a check which she is trying to clear with the bank. While speaking about the Bank’s inconsistency, her mask was lowered up to the chin.

Then she leaned and murmured, ” I’ve got something worse. The guy with Black Lives Matter thing is Here, and I’m going to film it. As a point of the Summary, she is whining to the bank manager about the employee wearing a mask embedded with “Black Lives Matter”.

“Everyone who watches my Facebook knows that that’s very very bad that Well Fargo would have  somebody at their bank with a Black Lives Matter mask,” she says.”

And then she gets closer to the person wearing a mask and asks him that she can see this?  The employee is black skin man who sees to be confused before Redstall continues,”This is Well Fargo bank and I want to see your mask ’cause you’re not meant to wear it in Well Fargo.”

Source: dailydot.com

Karen Harasses Bank Employee:’Black Lives Matter’

Afterward, a woman is identified as the manager of that Bank, interrupts, and tells she can’t record inside the Bank.

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“But he’s wearing a Black Lives Matter, the’swearing a very dangerous organization,” she says. Then the continuous telling her to stop recording. “I am shaking,” she says adding to that ” came in here to protect the people from cashier checks.”

“That man represents Well Fargo, this bank who I’ve been with twenty years since I came to America. “Throughout the video, she is with the older woman who is continuously telling her to put down her mask and smile at the camera.

Then the bank manager continuously tells her to stop recording.

“you said,’Yes I will make sure of that,”Redstall says,

“That’s not what I said,” the manger corrects her, “I said: Thank you for your feedback.”

Again I can’t allow you to record in here,” the manager corrects her. “So I need you to turn off your recording or I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.”


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