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Donald Trump: ‘Strength Is The Only Answer’ Says Trump As Democrats Oppose His Wisconsin Visit In The Wake Of Anti-Racial Protests.

Donald Trump in his statement has said that he will visit Wisconsin on September 1. But the democrats are against his visit to the city because of the anti-racial protests going on after the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Democrats Oppose Trump’s Wisconsin Visit

The anti-racism movements are going out in the entire United States. And recently after the shooting of Black American Jacob Blake the protests have erupted further. Last week the Wisconsin city also witnessed severe protests after the Jacob Blake shooting incident. But Donald Trump has announced that he will be visiting the city.

Donald Trump
Source: The New Yorker

After which the democrats slammed him and opposed his decision to visit the city. As the Democratic Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin Mandela Barnes has criticized Trump’s decision to visit the city.

And he indicated that how Trump and the Republicans addressed the Kenosha shooting during their National Convention.

Barnes said that the way they are addressing these issues related to racism is not how it should be. And he also added that Trump is creating more division and animosity all around by the way he is giving statements on the Kenosha shooting.

Therefore Trump is accused of actually encouraging racism and violence. Hence his visit to Wisconsin might trigger more protests as many people term him as a racist President.

What Donald Trump Says?

Well Democrats are asking Donald TrumpĀ  not to visit Wisconsin and any other cities where anti-racism protests are on. Because the Democrats think that Trump is not handling the racism issue correctly. And is actually igniting more and more violence through his statements.

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Donald Trump
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But it seems like nothing can stop Trump’s visit to Wisconsin. And in his statement he has said that ‘Strength’ is the only way to deal with violence and unrest.

Therefore he said that he will visit Wisconsin. As he is really concerned about the Kenosha Shooting where Jacob Blake was shot multiple times by the police.

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