Who Is Jessie J Boyfriend? Meet Her New Lucky Charm!

​​Boyfriend alert! Jessie J confirmed her romance with someone, and the “Price Tag” singer gushed she’s “properly in love.” Everyone is curious about her new lucky charm and how does he look like. Keep scrolling to see everything we know about Jessie J’s new boyfriend.

Who And Where Is Chanan Colman From?

Although he was born in Israel, Chanan spent much of his youth in Denmark. During an interview with Sports Rabbi in 2017, he described himself as a “laid-back guy,” having been raised by a Jewish mother in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“My mother moved from Israel to Denmark at the age of nine when my grandmother got a job there, so she moved at a very young age.  She met my father, who was traveling the world at the time and ended up staying there. Copenhagen is an awesomely great city; it’s very easy to be a kid in some parts of Denmark.”

The Israeli Basketball Premier League is where Chanan shows his skills as a professional basketball player. He is a member of the Israeli club Hapoel Haifa.

The athlete started his professional career in Finland, then moved on to Israel and Denmark. Both in 2006 and 2012, Chanan was honored as the league’s most valuable player in Finland and Denmark, respectively.

What Is Jessie J’s Opinion About Chanan Colman?

In May of 2022, during an episode of “The Diary of a CEO,” the London native was asked how many times she’d fallen in love. Why? “Because I can truly imagine my life with that person,” she continued.

Jessie used the present tense when describing her one and only encounter with genuine love, leading some admirers to speculate that she was referring to the Danish-Israeli professional basketball player.

This may be a reference to the singer’s confirmed split from Channing Tatum, reported by In Touch in April 2020.

I just feel like love is a constantly moving experience. And I think that when you meet new people, you always want to dumb down what you’ve experienced because you don’t want to make them feel bad.

But the truth is all we’re ever doing is going, ‘is this love? Do you want to be with me? Are we going to get married? Can we live together? Would you take a bullet for me? Do I really want to meet your parents?” she said in the episode.

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Who Has Jessie J Dated?

Jessie with dancer Max Pham Nguyen

Jessie moved on with dancer Max Pham Nguyen after her on-again, off-again relationship with Channing ended in 2020. In October 2021, after dating for seven months, the couple broke up.

Jessie had a miscarriage in November 2021, yet just a few months later, she was photographed kissing and making out with Chanan in Los Angeles.

When Did Jessie J and Chanan Get Together?

Jessie j and chanan colman

In March of 2022, Colman joined Jessie on a business trip to Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the Caribbean, marking the first time the two were publicly associated.

Among the pictures Jessie posted was one of the groups where Colman had his arm around her. Additionally, at roughly the same time, they both shared images of themselves close to a turtle while on vacation in the tropics.

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When Was Their Relationship Confirmed?

In April of 2022, Jessie and the athlete were caught kissing while on a lunch date in Los Angeles, confirming their relationship.

When Were Jessie J and Chanan Colman Last Seen Together?

Chanan Colman and Jessie J

The pair keeps their love life off social media. However, they were seen shopping at the Melrose Trading Post in October 2022, as seen in photos obtained by Life & Style.

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