Who Is IU Dating? Is Lee Jong Suk And IU Relationship Confirmed?

If you’re a K-pop and K-drama fan, we’ve got good news for you. In an unexpected crossover, South Korean media reports that singer-songwriter IU is now dating the Big Mouth star. Everyone is curious about her dating. To learn more about IU dating and her love life, then keep reading!

Who Is IU Dating? All About Her Lucky Charm!

Couple Alert! The love between K-pop star IU and actor Lee Jong Suk has been confirmed by both parties. According to Dispatch, a Korean news outlet, the two celebrities have been dating for about four months since December 31. The publication claims that the couple started out as friends after meeting on the South Korean music show Inkigayo ten years ago.

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A Relationship Between Lee Jong Suk And IU? Is It Confirmed?

Lee Jong Suk And IU

As soon as the news broke, a statement was issued by Lee Jong Suk’s management company, HighZium Studio, confirming the news, saying, “Actor Lee Jong Suk and IU recently progressed from being close acquaintances into being a couple, and they are maintaining a serious relationship. Please show lots of support so they can continue their beautiful relationship.”

The following was later stated by EDAM Entertainment, IU’s management company: “IU and Lee Jong Suk recently progressed from being close acquaintances into a good relationship. We ask for the warm reception of fans.”

Lee Jong Suk is an actor best known for his roles in the Korean dramas W, While You Were Sleeping, Big Mouth, Romance is a Bonus Book and Doctor Stranger. In contrast, IU is arguably the most popular female singer in South Korea and has been called “the nation’s little sister.”

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Following the statements made by their respective agencies, IU (age 29) and Lee Jong Suk (age 33) each wrote an open letter to their fans. IU has called Lee Jong Suk a “cute person” for his unwavering loyalty and encouragement over the years. “He was a colleague for a long time, and we are building up positive feelings while relying on each other,” she wrote.

Lee Jong Suk wrote that he and his ex-girlfriend met when he was in his mid-20s and that his feelings for her went “beyond puppy love,” but that he never thought they stood a chance.

He elaborated, “She [IU] is an amazing person who helps me with my path and concerns of life as a friend, is someone I can rely on, is younger but sometimes feels older, and is like a grown adult but also someone I want to protect. Now she makes me want to be a better person.”

And in early 2022, IU sang a happy song at Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother’s wedding. In December of that year, Lee Jong Suk personally invited IU’s younger brother along on their Christmas vacation. Cuties!

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