Who Is Joseph Arcidiacono? A Suspect In The Ted Cruz Incident Has Been Charged

During the Astros’ World Series victory parade, a strange thing happened to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas while he was on a float in the parade. An unknown man threw a beer can or a hard seltzer, which was surprising and out of the blue. The Houston police have now caught the person responsible for this illegal and wrongdoing act. Let’s find out who did it and more about what happened.

Who Is Joseph Arcidiacono?

The man who allegedly threw an alcoholic drink at Republican Sen. Ted Cruz during the Houston Astros’ World Series victory parade on Monday has been arrested by Texas police.

Joseph Halm Arcidiacono, age 33, is charged with aggravated assault. Cruz was allegedly hit with a can while sitting in a car and waving at the crowd celebrating the Houston Astros’ World Series victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

What Happened To Ted Cruz?

The Ted Cruz incident was very strange because no one in the parade was ready for the crowd to turn on him all of a sudden. Ted Cruz and other important people were at the parade. Out of the blue, Joseph Arcidiacono threw a can at Ted Cruz, hitting him in the neck and chest. But luckily, the incident wasn’t too bad, so Ted Cruz didn’t need to go to the hospital.

After the incident, Ted Cruz tweeted, “As always, I’m grateful for how quickly the Houston Police and Capitol Police responded. I’m also glad that the clown who threw his white claw had a noodle for an arm.

The alcohol almost hit the Senator, but luckily someone close to him tried to stop it. This is clear in the video they took at the parade. From the video of the event, it looks like Ted Cruz deflected the flying can, and then he and the other people there pointed at a man they thought had thrown the can.

After Joseph Arcidiacono was caught, the judge gave him a $40,000 bond. But after this decision, the public defender asked about a $100 bond and argued for it. The public defender questioned the truth of this accusation because the can doesn’t meet the criteria for a dangerous and lethal weapon. This was used as a reason to lower the bond amount.

Also, the public defender said that according to Texas criminal appeals, a dangerous weapon should be able to kill or seriously hurt someone. Since this is a beverage can, it can’t be considered a dangerous weapon that could kill or hurt someone.

The public defender said that the suspect, Joseph Arcidiacono, was about 20 feet away from Ted Cruz, so the alleged officer’s statements don’t make sense. But even though the defense tried to get the judge to lower the bond amount, the judge stuck to his decision and gave the suspect some rules to follow.

Since this issue became a big deal in the news and on social media, the court put a lot of conditions on bail. Joseph Arcidiacono is not allowed to come within 1000 feet of Ted Cruz’s home or office, try to hurt or threaten the senator, or use drugs or alcohol. So, as far as we know. On Wednesday, Joseph Arcidiacono is expected to go back to court for more trials.

Some tweets said that most people in the crowd did not like Ted Cruz. Some of the news stories talked about how the crowd acted at the parade when Ted Cruz was there. Since other lawmakers were also in the parade, we could assume that Ted Cruz was the only person who was targeted. Also, Joseph Arcidiacono got bail with some rules and bonds because he was charged with felony accounts. So, when he went to court after being arrested, he said, “I know I’m a fool. I’m sorry.”

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