Actress Keyla Mcneely Says The Netflix Series About Jeffrey Dahmer Is Educational

Even though some people are upset about the Jeffrey Dahmer series, Keyla McNeely says she’s proud of her work because she thinks there are important lessons to be learned.

We met Keyla, who plays Dorothy Straughter in the Dahmer docuseries, at LAX. She told us what she thought were the most important things to remember.

Keyla says she knows a lot of people who didn’t know anything about Dahmer, his crimes, or his victims before the docuseries blew up on Netflix. She says the show shines a light on the racial and homophobic bias from cops, which she thinks is still happening.

People who watched “Dahmer: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” know that there’s a story about how the police ignored clear signs when it came to gay and/or Black people.

As we’ve said, some of the families of Jeffrey’s victims think Netflix made the serial killer look good, and some of the survivors don’t believe what Lionel Dahmer said on Dr. Phil about how he missed the warning signs with his son.

In any case, Keyla says that the story of Jeffrey Dahmer needs to be told if only to teach and stop something similar from happening again.

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