Instant Hotel Season 3 Release date: Is This Series Release Date Status CONFIRMED For This Year!

Finding a good reality show these days is difficult, which is why fans are desperate for their favorite show to return. Instant Hotel Season 3 is one of the most popular reality television shows on the air. 

It wowed fans and journalists alike with its novel premise. After two incredible seasons, fans are concerned about the show’s return.

Instant Hotel is a reality television program based in Australia. The program premiered on Seven Network on November 7, 2017. While reality programs come in various genres, the premise of this series astounded everyone. 

It follows homeowners who transform their homes into hotels and are judged separately. The most recent series aired from February 11 to March 18, 2019. Since then, fans have been anticipating the third season’s announcement.

Instant Hotel Season 3 Release date

Neither Seven Network nor Netflix announced the show’s cancellation or renewal for a third season. The series’ prior seasons received rave reviews from both fans and reviewers. 

However, the second season disappointed some of its admirers due to the reduced episode count. If we consider the show’s popularity and critical reaction, it should have been renewed by now. However, for unclear reasons, the makers chose not to renew it.

Everybody is anxiously awaiting the revival of this fantastic reality program. If the show’s makers decided to continue it in the next months, viewers might anticipate Instant Hotel to premiere in 2022.

Instant Hotel Season 3 Plot

The program’s second season witnessed several changes from the host to the prize money. The winners received an all-expenses-paid trip to California’s “most elite instant hotels in the debut season.” 

This upscale hotel was owned by an unknown individual, who was revealed to be Leonardo DiCaprio after the initial season. The reward was increased to $100,000 in the second installment. The fans anticipate that the prize money in Instant Hotel Season 3 will grow.

The first season was hosted by Luke Jacobz, while Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen presented the second season. Thus, the third season may have a new presenter and a fresh crop of humorous participants. 

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Additionally, it was anticipated that the third season might return to a twelve-episode format rather than the six-episode format due to the backlash experienced by fans after the second season.

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