Constantine Season 2 Release Date Status CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

John Constantine is one of the most intriguing characters in DC Comics. This is why he has had both live-action and animated movies and TV series highlighting his narrative. Another of such adaptations was ‘Constantine: City of Demons.’ 

The series is written by J. M. DeMatteis, who has worked on DC and Marvel comic books. It follows the adventures of the occult detective as he attempts to unravel the mystery of the demons who capture human souls. It is a prequel to another animated series, ‘Justice League Dark,’ unrelated to live-action.

Constantine Season 2 Release Date

Constantine season 2 never materialized since NBC canceled the program due to weak ratings. The first eight episodes debuted on Friday evenings at 10 pm during the 2014 autumn season. 

Constantine’s young core audience would be unable to see the series live; the program performed well when viewers watched it later through DVR or streaming, but NBC determined that Constantine was too costly to justify its poor ratings. 

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The network refused to purchase the remaining nine episodes of season 1, and when the series returned after its winter vacation, a change to Fridays at 8 pm in primetime did nothing to boost ratings. On May 8, 2015, Constantine was canceled – but that was just the start of the chain-smoking warlock.

Constantine Season 2 Plot

The narrative starts with Constantine succumbing to a monster named Nergal and losing the soul of a young girl named Astra. He masters the art of exorcism by learning from his errors. Years later, Chas Chandler locates and begs for his assistance. 

Tricia, Chandler’s daughter, has gone into a coma, and when Constantine examines the scene, he gets the distinct impression that it has something to do with demons. 

Further inquiry reveals that Tricia’s spirit is being held by a demon called Beroul and that the woman lying in the hospital bed is only a body. This has been done to several other individuals by the devil. 

Beroul wants a favor from Constantine in exchange for returning their spirits. He wants him to exorcise some more demons, which are his business competitors. Constantine agrees. However, can a demon ever be trusted! 

As it turns out, Beroul is concealing a secret, and his decision to enter into an arrangement with Constantine has far-reaching consequences beyond his business’s profit. Constantine must find it out before his soul is snatched away by the monster.

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