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Industry Season 2 Release Date: Renewal Status & Cancellation in 2022!

HBO’s ‘Industry’ is a raunchy, complicated drama series that features sex, drugs, and highfalutin financial language. The plot revolves around a group of young, ambitious graduates who will use whatever means necessary to achieve their goals. 

To what end are they aiming for? It’s possible to get long-term employment at a top investment bank in London’s urban core. The first season of “Industry” was well praised for its high stakes, convoluted narrative, and stellar acting. Let’s now take a look at the second season’s details.

Industry Season 2 Release Date

The second season of HBO’s Industry was officially confirmed on December 10, with showrunners Mickey Down and Konrad Kay returning for a second season.

It is a detailed look at navigating life in your early twenties–replete with thrills, failure, and victories–from the bottom up, as told by Mickey and Konrad, according to HBO senior vice president of programming Francesca Orsi in a press release. 

We look forward to seeing what season two has in store for these young grads, and we’re excited to join them.

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A lot will rely on shooting circumstances related to COVID at this time, so that’s still up in the air. To give you an example, HBO’s high-profile business drama Succession has had to make any scheduling adjustments over the last year. Filming for Industry, based in London, might also be put off.

However, it seems that production is increasing. Season 2 read-through copies of the first two episodes were tweeted out by co-creator Konrad Kay on June 29, 2021, along with a “Management Offsite” shirt in the backdrop. 

Ideally, the following season should come by the end of 2021, although it appears more probable to happen in 2022.

Industry Season 2 Plot

There are options for all of the graduates in Pierpoint, except for Gus, who is forced to leave at the season’s conclusion. However, there are still concerns that the characters must address. 

So when Harper smears Daria to get Eric rehired, it causes a massive fight between Harper and Yasmin. Seb, Yasmin’s ex-boyfriend, has called it quits. Season 2 will continue the tale where Season 1 left off. 

During an interview, the show’s creators Mickey Down and Konrad Kay discussed the next season. So, they said, the plot might develop in such a way as to shape the characters’ lives over the following four to five years.

The first season Industry was all about “RIF (Reduction in Force) Day.” Still, there was always a feeling that it established a foundation for events that would go beyond that terrifying meeting with management. No one was going to lose their job. Harper has a bright future in the organization, even in her worst times.

There’s a good chance that the show will return to the company’s highest executives in season two. According to co-creator Konrad Kay, “We have quite a significant plot engine for season 2 concerning the bank higher-ups.” “You get a better feel of such things in the second season when their ties with the top people deepen.”

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The program’s makers have said in an interview with Awards Daily in June that they believe the show would be more pleasant if there were “more comprehensible banking narratives” in addition to the stories concerning the bank’s upper management. 

Looking back at Season 1, there are many things about the characters and the performances that Kay and the cast are particularly pleased with. When it comes to providing the audience something to hold onto, as Mickey explains, “we’re working harder than ever before.”

Is there a chance that the program may continue for a third season? It all boils down to how long viewers can keep their attention piqued. 

During an interview with GQ, Down mentioned that he and Kay want to continue the program for numerous reasons. He says we’d want to make a version of the program that goes on for a long time. It’s not up to us.” In the meanwhile, you’ll have to wait.

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