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Dragon Age 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


Dragon Age 4 is the long-anticipated sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it seems as if it will arrive in 2023. EA and Bioware first tempted fans in 2018 with a reveal video, but we’re still waiting for a release date, and a peek at the gameplay.

We do, however, have some very strong hints as to where the fantasy RPG’s story will take us, and we’ve seen some incredible concept art that suggests Dragon Age 4 will be well worth the wait. 

It might be difficult to keep up with so much information going about, much alone recall how Dragon Age: Inquisition ended. To help, we’ve compiled everything you need to know here, from official game trailers to the most credible seeming speculations.

We’ll keep this treasure trove of Dragon Age 4 material updated throughout 2022 and up to the game’s planned 2023 release date, so pour yourself a tankard of mead and settle in.

Dragon Age 4 Release Date

We do not yet have an official release date for Dragon Age 4. We do know that it is most likely still some time away. Then-general manager Casey Hudson stated Dragon Age 4 as still in “early development” in August 2020.

Additionally, Dragon Age was mentioned on EA’s October 2019 earnings call. 

The information was sparse and non-committal, but CFO Blake Jorgensen said the next Dragon Age game would likely be released “after fiscal [2022,]” which means after April 2022. 

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Jorgensen also adds that such forecasts are not often made numerous years in advance. It’s difficult to tell if “fiscal ’22” is an optimistic or highly conservative prediction, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Executive producer Christian Dailey said in July 2021, “Please be assured that the crew is working diligently, with a lot of enthusiasm, and making excellent progress. We’re delighted to offer additional information when it becomes available.”

Dragon Age 4 Trailer

BioWare debuted a brief teaser clip for Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards 2018. It is available to view online at the following link:

As you can see, there isn’t much there: Nothing more than some armor, a magical item, and the outline of Fen’Harel, the Dread Wolf: one of the Dragon Age pantheon’s gods. 

Additionally, there are two lines of conversation from Solas, the disloyal mage: “Finally, you’ve located me. I’m guessing you have inquiries.”

However, one noteworthy tidbit: the video concludes with the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises. It might be the title of the game — or it could just be a mechanism for BioWare to monitor the game’s social media presence. 

If The Dread Wolf Rises is indeed the game’s title, it’s not a horrible one; if not, it provides some information about the tale.

Dragon Age 4 Storyline

To explain the whole Dragon Age tale would need more space than in this essay, but here are the broad strokes. There will be spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

You take control of an adventurer who vows allegiance to the Grey Wardens in Dragon Age: Origins. This ancient order exists to combat the Darkspawn invasion and its draconic leader, the Archdemon. 

If left unchecked, the Archdemon can unleash a Blight that would eradicate all life in Thedas’s high-fantasy planet. The Grey Warden overcomes the Archdemon and saves the world — for now — by assembling a group, forging alliances with great countries, and making a huge sacrifice.

Dragon Age II is a considerably more intimate narrative, focusing on the Hawke family in Kirkwall. Taking place before to, during, and after the events of Origins, you play as Hawke (first name: your choice), the son or daughter of a noble family attempting to establish a name for yourself in the world. 

Dragon Age II’s plot is picaresque and divergent. Still, the real battle is between the Mages, who want independence from a repressive religious organization, and the Templars, who regard themselves as the final line of defense against a demonic insurrection.

To a degree, Dragon Age: Inquisition connects these two storylines. The most powerful individuals in Thedas join a summit to avert a full-scale conflict between the Mages and the Templars. 

However, a magical explosion wipes out everyone in attendance save for a lone survivor who investigates. 

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They become an Inquisitor, charged with the responsibility of establishing a grassroots support network across the continent to battle a demon bent on manipulating both Mages and Templars for his advantage.

Solas is one of your party members in Inquisition: an intriguing wizard who is never quite clear about why he has joined your journey. After you beat the last boss, he is completely removed from the party. 

Some postgame material may be completed with the assistance of additional partners. 

You ultimately reunite with Solas during the Trespasser expansion — Inquisitions’ last piece of downloadable content — when he reveals that he is Fen’Harel: the Dread Wolf. And he seeks vengeance on Thedas for degrading his species, the elves.

The Inquisitor recognizes that Solas is much too familiar with the party and that any action against him would need a brand-new set of adventurers. Thus, it is fair to assume that Dragon Age 4 will have a fresh protagonist leading a (mostly) new group of heroes against the Dread Wolf.

Of course, given BioWare’s penchant for twists and turns, it’s unlikely to be quite that straightforward. However, it is an excellent place to begin. We’ll provide further details on Dragon Age 4 when BioWare makes it available.

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