Hellbound Season 2 : Netflix Renew The Show: Everything We Know So Far!

With its opening scene, Hellbound is one of those shows that makes you want to watch right away. The characters are dragged to hell by brutal, demonic creatures that kill anyone who has been sentenced to death by “angels.” It’s important, though, that the supernatural horror soon fades away, but it doesn’t lose any of the initial dread. When these religious visits happen, the movie shifts its focus to how they change Korea at large, with twists that you might expect from the movie’s director, Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan).

Probably, you’re wondering what Netflix’s next big hit in Korea is going to be like. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. Join us at Digital Spy as we go into Hell to find out everything you need to know about the second season of Hellbound on Netflix. We’ll also show you how to watch it.

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Arrive?

There are a lot of things Yeon Sang-ho has to do. He’s also very good at both writing and directing, so a second season could come as soon as winter 2022. However, it might not be live-action. It was fun to work with Netflix, Sang-ho said. “They were very supportive of and agreed with my creative vision. They also made it so that I didn’t have to think about how to distribute the series or when or how to release it.

“We decided to start with the webtoon, and then decide if we want to turn the story into a live-action show. Because Hellbound is based on webtoons that were already out, that means that the story will be told first through the webtoon.

“So, as you know, we haven’t had a chance to talk about that with Netflix yet. So, I think we should talk about this more. “It was made in 2002, but the webtoon started two years ago on Naver, with co-creator and cartoon artist Choi Kyu-Seok as its co-creator. We talked about making a live-action show while we were planning and making the cartoon for Hellbound.

“As a side note, webtoons started to show up on the platform while I was actually making a movie called Peninsula. There had been talking of making a live-action show before that. After the webtoon started on Netflix, Netflix and I talked about making it into a live show.”

The second season could be put on hold for another year if Netflix agrees to let it be a webtoon before going back to live-action shows. It could come out in 2023 at the earliest.

Hellbound Season 2 Cast
Hellbound Season 2 Cast

Hellbound Season 2 Cast: Who Will Be In The Second Season?

I think Kim Shin-rok will play Park Jeong-ja again in season two, and she might even be the lead now. Hopefully, Kim Hyun-joo, who played Min Hye-jin, the lawyer who turned badass in the first six episodes, will also be back as Min Hye-jin in the second season.

In season one, there were a lot of deaths. There’s still a chance, though, that Yoo Ah-in could return as Jeong Jin-soo, either through flashbacks or some other supernatural means. Does it sound like it? Hellbound’s cult leader was very important to the show’s first season, and we’d like to see more of his life before he took over as head of “The New Truth Society.”

Hellbound Season 2 Expected Plotline:

First, Soyhun talks to Deacon Yuji. She wants to know why this happened, and why Soyhun’s baby had to be killed. The New Truth Society then calls a meeting with Chairman Kim, and it’s decided that the mother and her baby should be isolated from the rest of the group. This way, no one will learn that even people who haven’t done anything wrong can still go to hell. As luck would have it, Min Hye-jin steps in and kicks cultists in the hallway outside. The rescue works, so Min takes the family to a safe house. In fact, the man she trusts is actually Lee Dongwook, the YouTuber who used to spread the cult’s gospel online when they first started to get into trouble.

While he does at first help by posting a video that slams the cult’s idea of original sin, things get worse when he betrays Min and tries to kill everyone. People say there is a Messiah, but I don’t think so. This means Lee comes up with the mother in front of everyone, but just before he can kill the child, which would hide God’s “mistake,” the demons arrive and kill the child instead. Then, to keep their child safe from these visitors, the parents tie themselves up around the baby and let their own light shine through the baby instead.

In the end, the baby is held by the two charred bodies that his parents left behind when they died. Is this the first time someone has been able to stay alive after a decree? Yes, it could. Even more shocking than that, the Messiah comes in and tries to cut the baby’s throat with a sword! Angry, he screams, “The message is too complicated for me to understand!” Because the demons then show up and kill Lee, too. There is a lot of talk about whether or not this makes the child the new Messiah. In order to protect him from the cult’s influence, the crowd steps in before the cult can claim him. It’s then time for Min to get the child. She takes a taxi to get away.

He says, “I don’t know much about God. I don’t even care.” “But I know for sure that this world is ours.” We should take care of our own business. Do you agree? As both of us and Min think about these last words, the camera moves up into the sky. But that’s not all. You think the first season of Hellbound is over when you see Park Jeong-charred ja’s body. The room shakes, and then the body starts to rebuild itself. “The sinner” has miraculously come out of hell. If she was in hell to begin with, of course,

Hellbound season two is clearly going to deal with this cliffhanger head-on and find out what happens when the dead come back in this way. How will this change society’s view of death and these demonic visits? It’s possible that the “angels” in the first season were not angels at all. This means that the victims might not have been sent to Hell, but to another place entirely.

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He told Korea Joongang Daily: “I hope there is a third world, one that is neither heaven nor hell, in the second season. I hope there will be a completely new world.” This “hell” that people were afraid of turned out to be part of a four-dimensional world that no one knew about. I also hope that Jin-su will be brought back to life like Park Jung-ja. I wonder what these people who have been resurrected will do to this world.

Hellbound Season 2 Trailer:

Say your prayers, and new footage from Hellbound season two might show up by the middle of 2022. That is, of course, if Netflix ever decides to keep the show going for a second time around.

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