The Lost Symbol Season 2 Officially Cancelled by Peacock: Why It Didn’t Happen [Bad News]

Dan Brown is a well-known author, even if you haven’t seen Peacock’s new Series The Lost Symbol. Based on a 2009 book, the 10-episode first season of the show is based on a Robert Langdon book. It’s not just The Da Vinci Code that has been made into a live-action movie. Angels & Demons and Inferno are two other books in the series that have been made into films. Based on the book’s popularity, one would think that the TV show would be a huge hit.

When they see the show hasn’t been renewed yet, some fans are worried about what will happen to the show So, will there be a second season of The Lost Symbol, or will there not be? Read on to find out what we found out.

The Lost Symbol Season 2 Renewed Or Canceled

There was only one season of the Dan Brown-based drama, and it was canceled by the streaming service owned by the company. There were 10 episodes in this season. The news comes two months after that.

“We were so proud to bring this action-packed mystery thriller to our members and enjoyed watching this compelling series unfold with a satisfying, complete story,” Peacock said in a statement. “We’re grateful to ‘executive producers’ Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie, Dan Brown, Brian Grazer, and Ron Howard along with CBS Studios, Imagine Television and UTV for bringing this international bestselling novel to life.”

The Lost Symbol is a prequel to author Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, and it follows Robert Langdon (Ashley Zukerman) after his mentor is kidnapped. Langdon wants to solve a series of deadly puzzles and stop a global conspiracy after his mentor is taken. The 10-episode season covered the events of the book. If the show had been kept going, new episodes would have taken Langdon on new adventures.

The show was first made at NBC, which gave the project a pilot order in early 2020. It moved to NBCUniversal’s sister network, Peacock, in March 2021. Then, it got a series order for that. They didn’t like it: The Hollywood Reporter’s Daniel Fienberg called it “a swing at a blockbuster franchise that rises no higher than bland.” In line with streaming platforms, Peacock didn’t give out any detailed viewing data for the show. Imagine TV, which made three movies based on Brown’s books that starred Tom Hanks as Langdon, made The Lost Symbol with CBS Studios and Universal TV.

Dworkin and Beattie made a movie based on Brown’s book. Brown, Grazer, Howard, Samie Kim Falvey, Anna Culp, John Weber, and Frank Siracusa are all executive producers.

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Why The Lost Symbol Season 2 Is Not Coming

Why The Lost Symbol Season 2 Is Not Coming?

Deadline, a well-known media company, said earlier this year that the show’s creators have decided to end the show. It is surprising to see the decision come out so soon after the first season came out. A young symbologist named Robert Langdon is the main character in a well-known Dan Brown series called The Lost Symbol. The series follows Langdon as he tries to solve a series of dangerous puzzles. For example, the series takes place a long time before the events in other book-based movies, like The Da Vinci Code or Inferno.  We don’t know why the show was canceled, but we think it might have been because there wasn’t enough interesting material to work with.

Though there is a lot of information in the book, it doesn’t seem to have enough space for a TV show. An even more likely reason for the show’s cancellation could be the fact that the number of viewers has dropped by a lot. It looks like people have had enough of Dan Brown’s book series. Tom Hanks’ trilogy series looks to be the next best thing. If the show doesn’t get good ratings, that’s a big reason to cancel it. We don’t think there’s a good reason for the creators to let it go again.

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The Lost Symbol Season 2 Future Expectations

Robert has restored his connection with Katherine and has promised to proceed cautiously in the future. If season 2 comes to fruition, the two lovers will continue their amorous travels while on the hunt for treasures and symbolic objects. Six months after the events of Lost Symbol took place, Sato paid a visit to Robert at Harvard University. Following his time with the CIA, Sato went on to work for a commercial intelligence agency named Global Reach. She requested Robert’s assistance in apprehending criminals who were tied to explosions throughout Europe. Robert was shown a symbol by Sato that was not visible to the audience.

Robert’s attention was rapidly drawn to the image by its power to captivate. If young Robert agrees to assist Sato, the second season of The Lost Symbol will most likely be released for the audience to enjoy.

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