Great Pretender Season 3

Great Pretender Season 3: Possible Confirmation & Renewal Status in 2022!


‘Great Pretender,’ developed by Wit Studio, is a heist comedy series about a gang of worldwide con artists. They hunt some of the world’s most heinous criminals, from drug lords to human traffickers, led by its Robin Hood-like leader, the clever and mysterious Laurent Thierry. 

The series is broken into two seasons, consisting of 14 episodes and nine. Netflix released the second season as a stand-alone. 

Additionally, the episodes are divided into four instances. Case 1 is comprised of Episodes 1 through 5. Episodes 6–9 are sometimes referred to as Case 2. 

Case 3 is the collective name for Episodes 10 to 14. ‘Case 4: Wizard of Far East’ has all nine episodes from the second season. If you’ve already seen the second season, you’re probably wondering when the third will be released. It is all we currently know about it.

Great Pretender Season 3 Release Date

The Great Pretender season 3 is most likely to premiere in 2022. It allows producers to generate new episodes while allowing Netflix sufficient time to build anticipation for the next release via dramatic teases and trailers.

Hopefully, this 2022 season 3 forecast is accurate, but we’ll have to wait for further information to be provided before we know for certain.

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While we wait for Netflix to announce the series’ future, make sure to catch up on previous seasons of Great Pretender watching exclusively on Netflix right now.

Great Pretender Season 3 Plot

Edamame departs Laurent’s gang for the umpteenth time in the season 2 pilot episode. He returns to Japan and starts working for the Scarlet trade firm but quickly discovers that his new employer, along with its parent organization, the Suzuki Association, is human trafficking. He also immediately realizes that Laurent has duped him.

Suzuki Association is revealed to be a front for the Japanese mafia, and its CEO, Akemi Suzaku, is dubbed the Japanese underworld’s queen. Laurent’s true adversary, however, is not Akemi, but her Chinese mafia business accomplice, Liu Xiao, who seems to have murdered Laurent’s lover, Dorothy.

The case’s title, “Wizard of the Far East,” alludes to Edamame’s father, Ozaki, who has been a longstanding acquaintance of Laurent’s and is implicated in the case.

Finally, everything goes as planned, and the con is a success. The team receives assistance from former victims Eddie Cassano, Sam Ibrahim, and James Coleman, who have formed a legal business enterprise.

Laurent is preparing to begin his next con job in the season finale. His aim will be the newly-elected US President. Ozaki pays a visit to his late wife’s grave.

Abby climbs a slope in Red Rock Canyon and sends a selfie to Edamame. Edamame is now in Okinawa and intends to see the globe. Dorothy is shown to be alive in the post-credit sequence.

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She suffers amnesia and lives on an island near Taiwan with an elderly couple. They discover her ring, which Laurent had thrown into the water earlier, in the intestines of a fish and present it to her.

In season 3, Laurent is likely to include Edamame in one of his con operations once again. He could discover Dorothy is still alive and attempt to seek her. The series has been hinting at the possibility of Abby and Edamame falling in love.

It may occur during season 3. Cynthia, who provides good guidance to Kawin, one of the youngsters rescued from traffickers by the gang, may get engaged in his upbringing.

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