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First Wives Club Season 3 BET+ Confirmed Release Date Status And All That You Must Know!

The good news for all First Wives Club fans is that they are finally back and catching up with your favorite leading ladies.

Season 2 will follow Bree (Marry Me– Michelle Buteau), Ari (Ryan Michelle Bathe), and Hazel (Animal Kingdom– Jill Scott). After much deliberation, Bree decided to give Gary (RonReaco Lee) a second chance in their marriage.

Ari goes through ups and downs in her long-distance romance with David (Mark Tallman), while Hazel learns what it takes to build a record company when she attempts to sign her first artist. Additionally, a new group member named Jayla (Michelle Mitchenor).

As fans know, the original BET+ series inspired Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn following their 1996 feature. Additionally, the lovely ensemble and amusing dialogue contribute to the enjoyment.

It is pleasant and cordial, and in good time, it encompasses years of friendship. As a result, you should anticipate a new season. Additionally, we would like to share this post with you if you inquire about a third season of the First Wives Club.

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When Will First Wives Club Season 3 Premiere?

First Wives Club will return to BET+ for a third season. BET Networks’ streaming channel has secured a third chapter of the hit dramedy starring Ryan Phillippe. Michelle Bathe, Jill Scott, and Michelle Buteau have established a writers room for the upcoming edition.

When the drama was ultimately shown the following fall, it ran for nine episodes, establishing the stage for the show’s protagonists. Two months after its BET premiere, The First Wives Club was renewed for a second season.

Season 3 of First Wives Club is slated to premiere in the summer or fall of 2022, although that is merely a guess at this point.

What Will Happen in Season 3 of First Wives Club?

First Wives Club is available only on the BET Network’s BET+ streaming service. Seasons 1 and 2 are now available to view on the BET+ website on your PC or mobile device.

Individuals who do not have a BET+ subscription can record for a seven-day trial period. Following that, you can upgrade to BET+ for $9.99 per month.

first wives club season 3

The central plot of this program is that the first wife (as the story’s title implies) lives in a large house with her husband, whom she adores. She also has three children, but her fortune appears to be slipping away since it’s difficult to obtain two children: one must be placed in a facility, and another struggles academically.

Things become even more complicated for the first woman in the third season: caring for her two children while working full-time for a new firm. Another intriguing and enjoyable season appears to be on the horizon.

Additionally, when BET+ releases the official trailer for The First Wives Club Season 3, we will be there to provide a more detailed explanation of the show’s plot.

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What Is the First Wives Club Plot About?

‘First Wives Club’ is about three college buddies who reunite after their long marriages begin to break apart. They decide to form a support group and help one another cope with divorce, infidelity, and other marital unhappiness.

When Hazel finds her husband is cheating on her and discovers that Bree and Ari’s relationships are in shambles, they start on a hilarious revenge journey loaded with truckloads of disasters and fun moments.

Ari is a lawyer, and her hubby, David, is a senate candidate. She prepares and executes his continuing campaign, a task that appeals to her in the same way that her sexual chemistry with her husband does not.

On the other hand, Bree, an orthopedic surgeon and mother of two, divorced Gary when he cheats on her. Hazel is a gifted and successful R&B performer who will release her sophomore album.

However, Derek, the executive producer of her business and her dominant spouse, ignores her idea in favor of Stella’s younger, hotter arrival.

After learning of her struggle, her best friends from college, Bree and Ari, travel to visit her — although the trio hasn’t spoken in a long time. They compare their pitiful lives and vow to start living for themselves as they meet.

First, a wild dance party where a beautiful bartender seduces Bree takes her home, and rocks her world. Meanwhile, Hazel requests that her producer leak her song before Stella’s, which he does, and it becomes an instant smash the following day. Derek prohibits her from the premises of her penthouse in reprisal, thus putting her on the streets.

Gradually, the women understand that if they work together, they can accomplish anything. They value their friendship and discover a great deal more on this new voyage — with revenge being a primary objective. Season 2 is planned to continue the sisters before the misters’ theme and follow the three characters through their varied exploits.

When can we watch the trailer for Season 3 of First Wives Club?

By the middle of 2022, the trailer for Season 3 of First Wives Club will be released soon before the season’s premiere. As a result, here is a sneak preview of the First Wives Club Season 2 trailer. And if you haven’t watched the show yet, we highly recommend it.