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Fans Prepared To Boycott ‘the View’ If Alyssa Farah Griffin Becomes A Permanent Host

Fans of The View have grown tired of the program’s ongoing flirtation with giving a platform to former Trump supporters.

According to MEAWW, viewers are prepared to stop watching the programme due to rumours that Meghan McCain’s former position as a permanent host might be offered to Alyssa Farah Griffin.

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People began to believe it to be true when, during a conversation between Whoopi Goldberg and Griffin regarding

former Trump administration employees feeling like they had to “watch their back” due to their former employer, Goldberg said, “You know what? We have your back.

If she is hired, I’m out once more, a supporter tweeted.

“Do the producers not see how excited we all were when Meghan left?” they continued. I have not even slightly missed her.

Several supporters would rather see Chelsea Clinton given a chance.

She is not a Trump supporter, to start with; she is Bill Clinton’s daughter. Second, viewers thought she would be a great addition to the show because she has previously served as a guest host. Clinton would “be a great moderator,” according to one.

Griffin is just one of many conservative guest hosts whose views have infuriated viewers.

Griffin is among the least disruptive, but the bar has been set quite low with some visitors spreading false information about the coronavirus and other troubling political talking points. Fans have expressed their desire for someone who, whether they are conservative or liberal, uses reason and common sense to replace McCain online.

Griffin is still divisive even though she is one of the less harsh conservative voices on the talk show.

According to recent reports, Wanda Sykes had a scheduled appearance on The View but declined it because she didn’t want to help advance the career of a former Trump administration official after the White House.

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