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Emily In Paris Season 3 Potential Release Date Status, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know So Far

Emily in Paris season 2 was one of the most anticipated Netflix shows of 2021, and fans quickly devoured the new episodes. The wait for Emily in Paris season 3 has begun.

The second season of the Emmy-nominated romantic comedy series premiered on Netflix on December 22, just in time for viewers to reconnect with it during the holiday season. Emily in Paris season 2 picks up on the love triangle cliffhanger from the season 1 finale, throwing Emily into the deep end at work and in her personal relationships. The season finale sets up another season of soul-searching for the titular character perfectly.

Everything we know so far about Emily in Paris season 3 can be found below!

Is Emily In Paris Season 3 Renewed Or Not?

Emily in Paris season 3 was officially renewed by Netflix on January 10. But that wasn’t the only good Emily news Netflix had to offer. Emily in Paris will also return for season 4 according to the streamer.

Normally, Netflix announces renewals within a month of a show’s debut, but recently, renewals have been inconsistent. Emily in Paris season 3 (and 4!) were announced by Netflix less than a month after the season 2 premiere. Of course, the show’s fate beyond the two-season renewal is unknown.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date?

Emily in Paris season 2 premiered a little more than a year after the series premiere, so it’s safe to assume that Emily in Paris season 3 will do the same. We know that the third season is currently in production and will premiere in early June 2022. That means the third season will most likely premiere in the first half of 2023.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Cast?

Lucien Laviscount will reprise his role as Alfie in the third season, according to Netflix. Even better, Laviscount has been promoted to series regular, which means he’ll have a full-time role in the upcoming season.

Aside from Laviscount, we can expect all of the main characters to return for season 3. The following actors are expected to return for Season 2:

Emily in Paris has an impressive recurring cast in addition to the main cast. A few regulars from the previous two seasons may return for season 3, and new characters (okay, love interests) appear to be a given for next season.

  • Madeline Wheeler is played by Kate Walsh.
  • Pierre Cadault is played by Jean-Christophe Bouvet.
  • Benoit is played by Kevin Dias.

Emily in Paris season 3 will almost certainly include new recurring and guest cast members. Maybe Mindy’s father will finally show up to mend their strained relationship. Keep an eye out for more Emily in Paris casting news.

Emily In Paris Season 3 Synopsis?

We can get a sense of what to expect from the upcoming season based on what happened in the shocking season 2 finale. Without giving too much away, Emily will make a life-altering decision about her professional and personal future in Paris. She will effectively change the course of her relationships with both Gabriel and Alfie in the process.

Of course, now that Sylvie has left Savoir and Mindy has found a solid foundation for her singing career (and love life! ), Emily in Paris season 3 will be full of laughs, drama, and stunning fashion. But what happens next for Emily?

Is Emily In Paris Season 3 In The Works?

The third season of Emily in Paris is now being filmed. In June, Lily Collins and Ashley Park, along with the show’s Instagram, announced that production had begun. This means that we’ll see more behind-the-scenes looks at fashion, drama, and a strangely French world.

Where To Watch Emily In Paris?

To watch Emily in Paris seasons 1 and 2, go to the Netflix website (or the iPhone or Android apps). First-time users can sign up for a monthly plan starting at $9.99.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Trailer:

Emily in Paris Season 3 trailer has not come yet so enjoy the Emily in Paris Season 2 ,


As the season progresses, she finds herself in the midst of yet another love triangle, this time involving her, Gabriel, and Alfie. Emily is in a relationship with her British boyfriend, who is returning to the UK for work, but she realizes she still loves Gabriel.

How does Emily in Paris end?

Camille and Gabriel reunite in the final episode, but just as Emily is about to confess her true feelings for the chef. Meanwhile, Emily’s boss Sylvie resigns from Savoir after a run-in with her American boss (Kate Walsh’s Madeline).

Why Is Emily in Paris being criticized?

Many people thought the show was offensive in its portrayal of French people, and they were disappointed to see a lack of diversity in the cast of Emily in Paris when it first aired, and they were disappointed to see that continue in terms of award show recognition.