Ellen DeGeneres: What Is The Estimated Net Worth Of This Multitalented Television Personality?

Ellen DeGeneres has been entertaining us for decades. She is an amazing actress, television host and a talented comedian.

Ellen DeGeneres: Estimated Net Worth

The 62-year-old television personality entered showbiz as a stand-up comedian. She started performing in small clubs and events. It was in the late 80s when Ellen ventured into movies.

After starring in her first film Coneheads Ellen started working in shows named after her. The shows include Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Ellen’s Energy Crisis and many more. She started getting recognized for her amazing comic timings.

Ellen DeGeneres
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Apart from that she also appeared in multiple sitcoms like Open House, Laurie Hill, These Friends of Mine and many more. After that, she came with her epic television show ‘The Ellen Show’ in 2003. And it became the longest-running shows in the American television.

This show gave Ellen worldwide fame. It has been more than two decades since the show has been running successfully.  And owing to everything she has done in her career so far, Ellen has a massive Net Worth.

As per Forbes, Ellen earns more than $50 Million per year solely through her talk show. And that means she approximately earns $287,356 per episode! Now that is something huge!

So as of 2020, Forbes has reported her net worth to be somewhere around $414 million. And if her show continues successfully she will enter the list of billionaires soon.

The Controversy

We all know that Ellen has been the face of a massive controversy this year. As we saw that many people associated with ‘The Ellen Show’ have accused Ellen of being insensible and harsh to her employees.

There were allegations that Ellen mistreats her staff and makes them feel like prisoners. Not only in her show, but even many of the former staffs of her residence have also alleged that Ellen was no less than a stern jailor. Due to which Ellen faced a lot of criticism.

Ellen DeGeneres
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And after which Ellen made a public apology during the premiere of The Ellen Show Season 18. She said that she is also a normal human being like any other person. And that there are days when she feels sad and annoyed.

She apologized for the fact that her behaviour has hurt her staff to this extent. Ellen added that her staff is no less than her family and never on earth, she wanted to hurt them.

She ensured that she will be careful in the near future. And assure that her staffs get a healthy workplace away from any kind of toxicity.

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