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Die Hard 6 Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2022!


The ‘Die Hard’ series epitomizes all that a film can be. The original ‘Die Hard’ was a masterpiece, a masterful work of action filmmaking that continues to enchant audiences to this day. The second film was a good sequel but, naturally, fell short of the standard set by the first.

From there on, the series rapidly descended into mediocrity, culminating in the horrific ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ in 2013. With a sixth, and maybe last, Die Hard film in development, what can we anticipate from the next film dubbed ‘McClane’? Please continue reading to learn all we know.

Die Hard 6 Release Date

This film has not yet been scheduled for release. The picture is still in development, and we all know how long it takes to shoot an action blockbuster and even longer to finish post-production.

The current Coronavirus epidemic is unlikely to help things move forward any time soon.

Following the release of A Good Day To Die Hard in 2013, Fox Studios started exploring the possibility of a sixth sequel, potentially in reaction to the film’s lackluster critical reception.

However, a Die Hard 6 has been in development since 2017, with the film reportedly focusing on both young and present-day John and reuniting him with his ex-wife Holly.

Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, the project for a theatrical release was subsequently scrapped outright in August 2019.

However, allegations surfaced in summer 2019 that Disney was developing McClane as a streaming series, probably for Disney+ or Hulu. As things stand, I anticipate ‘McClane,’ or Die Hard 6, to arrive in 2022 or later.

Die Hard 6 Plot

Die Hard 6, the franchise’s sixth film, is named ‘McClane’ and, as the title implies, will likely place a greater focus on the character of John McClane than ever before. 

According to reports, the new film will serve as a prequel and a sequel, alternating between past and present. According to reports, the prequel sequences will depict John McClane as a rookie officer, played by a different actor.

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Before you get too worked up, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura announced that Bruce Willis would reprise his role as the senior McClane. 

Now, without a doubt, the film will pit John against another terrorist gang and their heinous terrorist scheme. However, we are unsure of the kind of terrorists that may meet their demise at McClane’s hands this time.

After covering cyber terrorism in ‘Live Free or Die Hard,’ I could envision the series focusing on bioterrorism, with some world-ending virus wreaking havoc throughout the globe. 

Additionally, we may anticipate that the upcoming film will explain a great deal about John’s background, and it may serve as a kind of genesis narrative for this guy that we all know and adore. 

Given that ‘McClane’ will provide light on John’s formative years, Holly Gennaro is another character who may make a return.

Die Hard Retrospective

The first ‘Die Hard’ was released in 1988 and rapidly elevated Bruce Willis to worldwide superstardom. 

The story’s central narrative follows Detective John McClane, an off-duty New York police detective who visits Holly Gennaro McClane at her Nakatomi Plaza workplace. 

John and Holly have marital difficulties but are forced to put their problems aside when the building is taken over by an East German terrorist squad commanded by the charming Hans Gruber.

Gruber and his gang of tailored thugs intend to steal $640 million in bearer bonds from the safe, but their plot is jeopardized when John evades arrest and volunteers to prevent the terrorists. 

McClane must transform into a one-person army with the assistance of his newfound buddy, Los Angeles policeman Sgt. Al Powell, to rescue his wife and the employees of Nakatomi Corporation from a hostage scenario.

Bruce Willis as John McClane, British thespian Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber, actress Bonnie Bedelia as Holly Gennero-McClane, Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. 

Al Powell comprised the film’s principal cast. The picture was a critical and commercial triumph, gaining a spot in the United States National Film Registry and being generally regarded as one of the finest action films of all time.

Two years after the original film’s release, a sequel dubbed ‘Die Hard 2’ debuted to much buzz and expectation. As with the first ‘Die Hard’ film, the sequel on Christmas Eve in Washington, DC. 

John is waiting for his wife Holly’s aircraft to arrive at Washington Dulles International Airport when a squad of elite mercenaries commanded by former US Army Special Forces Colonel Stuart seize control of the airport and hold everyone hostage.

As John becomes aware of what is happening, he resumes his efforts to prevent the terrorists’ plot to liberate Latin American drug lord and tyrant General Ramon Esperanza. 

Although not as culturally important as the original film, ‘Die Hard 2’ was a box-office smash.

The third film, ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance,’ was released in 1995 and is set in McClane’s hometown of New York City. John McClane’s marriage has broken down, and he has been suspended from the police department due to his heavy drinking. 

However, John must rapidly get his wits about him when a faceless terrorist calling himself “Simon” (played by British actor Jeremy Irons) phones and tells him of many upcoming explosives around the city unless John solves different puzzles and obstacles.

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John is not alone this time, though, as Samuel L. Jackson’s Zeus Carver accompanies him. Simon is eventually revealed to be Hans Gruber’s brother from the previous film, and he prepares to steal the New York Federal Reserve while John is engaged with his games. 

‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’ garnered mixed reviews despite its economic success.

After a twelve-year break, the series returned in 2007 with ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ (alternatively referred to as ‘Die Hard 4.0’), starring a much older John McClane, who has been divorced for years and is now estranged from his daughter Lucy. 

A group of high-tech cyber terrorists commanded by the remarkable Thomas Gabriel (played by Timothy Olyphant from ‘A Perfect Getaway’). McClane must confront an altogether new menace with the assistance of a hacker called Matthew Farrell (‘Galaxy Quest’ star Justin Long). 

With the nation’s security system on the line and his daughter Lucy in Gabriel’s sights, he cannot afford any more errors. ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ was a modest economic success and received mainly favorable reviews.

The franchise’s most recent installment is 2013’s ‘A Good Day to Die Hard.’ John McClane partners up with his son Jack (Jai Courtney of ‘Suicide Squad’ fame), a CIA spy who was operating covertly in Russia to expose a high-ranking Russian official Viktor Chagrin. 

The father-son team must put their differences aside and work together to keep lethal weapons-grade uranium out of the hands of villains. ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ earned mixed reviews from viewers and critics but did earn a profit.

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