World Trigger Season 4

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!


World Trigger’s third season concluded in 2021, and news of World Trigger Season 4 is spreading like wildfire. However, the fourth season conjecture is not the only source of anxiety for those affiliated with this brand.

Fans are particularly concerned about author Daisuke Ashihara’s deteriorating health. Even in such a difficult period, the third season outperformed even the most popular anime banner. So, can the same be said for the next season? What does the franchise’s future hold? Everything you need to know about Season 4’s renewal.

World Trigger is a long-running series that began in 2013. It was Daisuke Ashihara’s first successful endeavor in this skill. The manga was serialized in twenty-four volumes by the Weekly Shonen Jump at writing.

Toei Animation started the project’s animation division in 2014. With the third season scheduled to conclude in January 2022, the clamor for a fourth is greater than ever.

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date

Many World Trigger fans are certain that the show will return to television in the not-too-distant future for a fourth broadcast. Renewals of anime are often determined by two factors: popularity and the presence of source material, which World Trigger contains.

Although Crunchyroll does not reveal official viewing counts for its simulcast titles, World Trigger has remained successful with a worldwide audience throughout its television broadcast.

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Despite the show’s bright future, fans of World Trigger may anticipate a long wait for season 4.

As previously announced, season 3 would cover up to 22 chapters. Although just 24 volumes have been issued in Japan, Toei Animation’s production team will have to wait to release more volumes before creating another season of animation.

A whole anime season requires around 30-40 chapters, based on the manga’s current chapter count of 160, with season 4 slated to cover 196.

Fans may expect to have access to the good source material by Summer 2022 if volume 25 progresses at the present rate in Japan.

Season 4 of World Trigger is scheduled to premiere in October 2022 or January 2023, depending on the autumn or winter programming schedules.

World Trigger Season 4 Plot

First, World Trigger’s fourth season will conclude the remaining plotlines from the B-Rank Wars Arc – Part II. It will feature the Middle Group Ultimate Round and announce its final winners. 

It marks the start of the Expedition Selection Exam Arc in the tale. The manga has only published around seventeen chapters in this arc. 

After Tamakoma-2 achieves second place in the standings, the narrative will continue. However, the final results will be announced after the mid-tier encounter.

To keep their berth in the B-Rank match, the Yuba Squad will be up against numerous teams in this narrative. When the crew arrives at the Expedition Selection Exam facility, they are immediately confronted with the Away missions. 

Both Osamu and Jin seem to comprehend the seriousness of the situation and face much greater obstacles in the future. World Trigger Season 4 will also examine the squads’ activities along the Border.

World Trigger Season 3 Storyline

World Trigger’s overarching plot centers on the everlasting conflict between humanity and extraterrestrial fighters known as Neighbors. A new agency known as the National Defense Agency, dubbed Border, enters Earth’s orbit to defend humanity.

Thus started the conflict between these two correspondences. A little kid is brought into the plot four years after the Neighbors first appear. Yuma Kuga is a Neighbor who is a cross-breed humanoid concealing his actual identity from the Border.

Osamu, a secret C-class Border trainee, promises to assist Yuga in concealing his identity from Border officials. The plot progressed through the Border Saga’s Large-Scale Invasion Arc and B-Rank War Arc. However, the third season was unable to complete the final arc.

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The Takoma Second’s struggle to earn the top spot and become one of the two B-rank teams will continue next.

Osamu and his squad continue to advance by completing one task after another in this plotline. The objective is to get a B-ranking team and be accepted into the Expedition Force. It marks the start of the team’s Expedition Selection Exam Arc.

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