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The Boys Season 3 Release Date: Renewal Status & Cancellation in 2022!


Season 3 of The Boys now has a release date. It’s enough to bring a grin to Billy Butcher’s face. While we prepare for a scorching summer loaded with superheroes, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the forthcoming season on Amazon Prime Video.

And we mean completely: first glances at the new Supes, discussion of superhero orgies (yes, they exist), and behind-the-scenes photographs from the set are just a few of the things you’ll find below. 

Then there’s conjecture about what to anticipate from showrunner Eric Kripke’s future plot. There is so much here that your brain may explode. What do you mean, too soon?

Therefore, for all of that and more, continue reading to learn all we currently know about The Boys season 3.

The Boys Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of The Boys will debut on Prime Video on June 3, 2022.

The season’s first three episodes will be released concurrently on that day, with the following episodes being released weekly afterward. The Boys season 3 finale will also air on July 8, which may be just time for any Independence Day-themed episode concocted by the show’s creative staff.

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By the way, this is just speculation: we have no inside knowledge on season 3’s narrative, but it would be exciting if The Boys’ third season delivered an explosive ending during a fireworks-filled season.

The Boys Season 3 Plot

While season 2 resolved most of the show’s story strands, several remain unresolved.

One of the most pressing worries is Stormfront (Aya Cash), who was brutally hurt in the season 2 finale by Ryan Butcher. Thus far, Vought CEO Stan Edgar has said only that she is “in a safe area.”

However, it seems that Stormfront will make an appearance in some way before the show’s return. 

According to a ‘Seven on Seven’ YouTube video, she is still alive, which you can watch below. Since her injury, Stormfront adherents known as the Stormchasers have formed to carry on her racist vision of the future. As a result, The Boys (and the rest of the planet) will have to deal with them.

Regardless, Stormfront’s reduced position creates an opening in the ‘Big Bad’ sector for Homelander. Congresswoman Victoria Neuman fits the bill now that she has been identified as the Supe who bursts skulls — as shown in season 2’s last scene.

It suggests that Hughie’s situation may deteriorate. As previously stated, The Boys have temporarily dissolved, with Hughie taking a job with Neuman. 

We don’t make sure how long it will take Hughie to learn that his new boss is just as nasty as Homelander or what Neuman’s big goal is, but he will discover it soon enough.

Meanwhile, Soldier Boy is poised to create havoc, and his comic book origins hint at some adult material that will almost certainly emerge in the television version. Soldier Boy appears in two incarnations in the comics, with the show most likely debuting the first generation’s form.

Soldier Boy is a Supe who becomes a symbol of the United States during World War II, but his past is not as noble as the public believes. During one such mission, he ends up murdering his fellow Supes and US troops.

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In the comics, Lieutenant Greg Mallory, whose gender has been altered for the television program, murders Soldier Boy in retaliation. Given that this Soldier Boy is still alive and well in television reality, his history and character development must be changed.

Soldier Boy’s appearance also heralds the coming of another superhero squad – Payback. Payback, dubbed the “second most popular superhero team” after The Seven, is commanded by the second incarnation of Soldier Boy in the comics.

Stormfront is also a team member, implying that her live-action counterpart is already acquainted with the television show Soldier Boy.

Season 3’s first episode is named ‘Payback,’ as Eric Kripke confirmed on Twitter. It might be a subtle indication of Homelander’s intentions to seek retribution on specific people, but it’s more likely to be a signal about Payback’s impending arrival.

A flashback episode presenting Soldier Boy and his past may be forthcoming if it does. That may serve as a wonderful segue into The Boys season 3’s primary narrative, as well as a unique method to introduce a slew of new Supes in the show’s next installment.

Kripke has also discussed how Soldier Boy may fit into season 3 of The Boys. In a June 2021 interview with Deadline, Kripke stated: “Flashbacks to World War II and Vietnam are a significant part of the comics.

I’ve always liked it because it let me understand how the superhero phenomena touched not just the present, but also portions of the past.”

The Boys Season 3 Trailer

Check out the teaser trailer of The Boys season 3 here:

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