Daybreak Season 2: Everything You Need To Know About This Series!

Daybreak is a post-apocalyptic comedy-drama adventure streaming television series created by Brad Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite that is based on Brian Ralph’s comic series. It was released on October 24, 2021, and quickly gained a wide following due to its excellent storytelling and comedic characters.

If you enjoyed watching Daybreak and are wondering if there will be another season, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything we know about Daybreak Season 2’s renewal status and other news:

Daybreak Season 2 Is Officially Cancelled!

Season 2 of the fantastic series Daybreak has been requested by Netflix. The next season of this series was eagerly anticipated by fans of the first season.

However, it was disappointing to learn that Season 2 of Daybreak had been canceled by Netflix. When people thought it couldn’t be true, the series’ co-creator went ahead and confirmed it on social media.

“We learned last week that Daybreak will not be returning for a second season,” he said. Daybreak is one of many Netflix series that have been canceled. Despite the fact that a sizable number of people enjoyed this series, Netflix canceled it due to a lack of viewers and the covid situation.

Daybreak Season 1 Ending Explain

The brilliance of this series is that it had the most unexpected ending, which no one saw coming. After Principal Burr is defeated and the young people are finally at peace, Josh confesses his feelings for Sam.

But, just as everyone expected Sam to respond positively to Josh, she rejected him. Everyone said, “No, she can’t do that,” and were disappointed. Fans see this as a positive development and anticipate a new season just to see them together at the end. Let us wait and see.

Can We Expect Season 2 of Daybreak?

Neither the question nor its solution is particularly complex. In order to satisfy the eager audience, a new season must be produced.

The next season has people wondering what will happen and what they can expect. From what we’ve covered so far, fans are also speculating on what might happen next and developing their own narratives.

Considering how enthusiastic they are about the show, I see no reason why it shouldn’t return for a second season. Additionally, Netflix’s sudden cancellation of the upcoming season is unfair. Fans, however, are holding out hope for the possibility of yet another season of this excellent show.

Daybreak Series Ratings

Daybreak is available on Netflix. Despite being released two years ago, this series is still one of Netflix’s most highly recommended.

Let’s see how many ratings the series has accumulated over the last two years.
IMDb has given 10 a 6.7 rating.

Website Rating
IMDb 6.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes 70%
Metascore 54/100

According to the reviews, fans are kicking themselves for not watching this sooner. Despite the low rating, the reviews show that there is less hatred for this series and that very few people found it to be unsuitable for them.

The Rotten Tomatoes

The average Tomatometer score is 70%, while the average audience score is 66%. While some fans are ecstatic about the cast’s performance and the storylines, others believe that this series is a rehash or compilation of something else.

Daybreak Season 1 Is Watching Worth?

People may watch this series for a variety of reasons. When people of various ages were asked why they are anticipating a season two, their responses varied.

A teenager could relate to the majority of the scenes in the series, whereas a pre-teen could anticipate what a teenager could be like. An elderly person may be reminded of their youth and become nostalgic.

This series manages to capture the attention of people of various ages and with diverse interests. In the end, this series provides enjoyment, happiness, and motivation to move forward in life. So I think season two would be a lot of fun.


As it deals with its first loss of subscribers in over a decade, as well as a massive drop in the value of its shares, Netflix appears to be taking proactive steps to avoid further financial instability. That means canceling a number of ongoing projects.

Netflix has officially canceled Daybreak.

“We found out last week that Daybreak will not return for a second season.”

Is Daybreak based on a book?

“Daybreak” is based on Brian Ralph’s 2011 graphic novel of the same name, which follows a group of teenagers in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where adults have either died or turned into zombies.

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