Christopher Walken and Natalie Woods: Christopher Walken breaks his silence on Natalie Woods mysterious death. Were they having an affair?

1B6D82AE Brainstorm (1983) Directed by Douglas Trumbull Shown from left: Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood © MGM

Academy award winning actor Christopher Walken is known for his wide array of screen roles. From ‘The deer hunter’ and ‘ Peter pan’, he is a versatile actor.

Christopher Walken

Recently, he opened up about the unsolved mystery, drowning of actress Natalie Wood.

Natalie Wood as we know , a fine actress , receiver of four Golden Globes and three academy award nomination , was found drowning in the water of California’s Catalina Island.

Her body was found near a boat she was on with her husband Robert Wagner. It brought Robert Wagner into suspicion of that accident.

Christopher Walken breaks silence :

According to Christopher Walken who was silent previously about the tragic death. He stated that he was among those three people on the boat and was the last person to see Natalia Wood alive on november 28th 1981.

Wood as we previously know, had been on a weekend boat trip with her husband Robert and co-actor Christopher Walken. What brings into out notice is, why didn’t he speak about it previously? Was it some form of guilt which kept him silent.

Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood
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There are certain claims of a verbal clash between Davern and Walken before the death of Wood.

Natalie’s older sister, in an interview in 2011 mentioned she never had believed Wagner’s version of his statement of the events that happened during the tragedy.

The daughter of actress Natalie Wood explained how her mother’s untimely death left her  emotional. She said she was 11 and had never been on a boat. The only version she knew was what explained to her by Wagner. All the three stayed up late at night for drinking and when Natalie left to sleep, that was the last time they all saw her.

Christopher walken and Natalie Wood
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Hidden truths can be a lot more poisonous than a spoken lie. Any story gets it’s attention from the mystery which remains unsolved. As the conundrum unwraps itself quite slowly, it is difficult to solve the puzzle with it’s missing pieces.


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