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The Family Of A Charlotte Woman Who Died At A Resort In Mexico Seeks Answers

A family from North Carolina wants to know what happened to their daughter, who died in Mexico in a strange way.

Charlotte, N.C. — A family from North Carolina is trying to figure out what happened to their daughter in Mexico, where she died in mysterious circumstances. Shanquella Robinson, from Charlotte, was found dead in her hotel room in Cabo San Lucas last month, where she was on vacation with friends.

Her father, Bernard Robinson, said, “It’s like a nightmare.” “I can’t even sleep. I’m just angry and sad, and my heart hurts as a father and as a person who prays. I just want to know the truth, because this doesn’t make any sense.”

Bernard Robinson and his wife were told that Shanquella died of alcohol poisoning, but the autopsy showed that she died because of injuries to her spinal cord and neck.

Since then, a video has come out showing someone hurting Shanquella.
“By the grace of God,” Bernard Robinson said, “I think I’m going to find out what’s going on.” “It will be revealed.”

Reporters from the Charlotte station WSOC called all of Shanquella’s friends who went on the trip. Most of the numbers no longer work, but two went right to voicemail.

Charlotte woman's death in Cabo being investigated as killing, state AG in Mexico says – WSOC TV

Reporters sent texts to both numbers and went to the two Charlotte homes where the friends were said to live. Neither house had an answer. “I’m not giving up,” Bernard Robinson said. “I am not giving up. I’m sure that I’ll be able to relax.”

No one has been accused of a crime related to the case. Officials only said that a person from the United States died in Mexico. A man and a woman from Virginia Beach were found dead in a vacation rental home in Mexico City earlier in November.

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