By The Grace Of The Gods Season 2

By The Grace Of The Gods Season 2 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!


By the Grace of the Gods is based on the light novel series written by Roy and drawn by Ririnra. It follows Ryoma Takebayashi, a Japanese salaryman who lives a peaceful and gloomy existence until he dies in his sleep. 

He then encounters three deities, Gain, Lulutia, and Kufo, who grant him reincarnation as an eight-year-old kid in another universe. Magic is fast dwindling in our new world.

They think Ryoma would act as a conduit for magic from his former world, which is brimming with it, to this magical land. Ryoma spends three years without human contact, associating with various slimes. He meets Duke Reinhart of the House of Jamil when he is 11 years old.

After swiftly impressing him, he leaves the wilderness and returns to his house, where he meets his family, which includes his daughter Eliaria. The following is all we know about the series’s next season.

By The Grace Of The Gods Season 2 Release Date

On December 20, 2020, ‘By The Grace Of The Gods‘ season, 1 concluded with the 12th and final episode. We’ve been waiting months for confirmation of its renewal.

In June 2021, the anime’s official website shared some exciting news. According to the website, a second season of ‘By The Grace Of The Gods’ is developing. However, this writing has announced no release date for the next season.

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The anime’s first season began in October 2020. As a result, we anticipate the next season to launch somewhere in 2022, coincident with the autumn anime season.

For overseas fans, Funimation stated that the next season of ‘By The Grace Of The Gods’ would be streamed concurrently with its Japanese airing. Additionally, Funimation broadcast the anime’s first season. Season 2’s English dub may also be handled by the streaming platform.

By The Grace Of The Gods Season 2 Plot

Selma prepares food for the children and slimes in the season 1 finale, titled ‘The Beginning of a New Era, with the Slimes.’ Callum shuts the business under his sister Carla’s instruction. 

Eliaria is still sad because she could not form a relationship with the limur birds. She and Ryoma discuss their impending divorce. Hughes continues to torment the youngster. 

When Ryoma notices the birds have returned, he claims he would flee to avoid frightening the birds, but Eliaria pleads that he should remain. She then plays her violin and accomplishes an incredible feat: she bonds with nine limur birds.

Ryoma is moved by her and pulls a guitar from a portal, bonding with one nightmare limur bird and five ordinary limur birds. Eliaria later presents Ryoma with the ruby necklace she received from her mother when she was ten years old. 

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When he expresses hesitation about receiving such an expensive present, she explains that it marks their relationship. He compensates her with two slimes. 

They part ways the next morning; she is headed to a magic school to study while he is busy tending to his flourishing company. They agreed to meet again three years later.

Ryoma may continue to develop as a magician in season 2 using the talents he learned while on earth. As the gods foretell in the concluding scenes, he may meet new people and go on new adventures. Eliaria may become a skilled magician while still in school.

By The Grace Of The Gods Season 2 Cast

Season 2’s official cast has not yet been confirmed. Azusa Tadokoro, on the other hand, is expected to continue contributing her voice to the anime’s protagonist, Ryouma Takebayashi. 

Ryouma and Eliaria Jamil and the rest of the Jamil family may reconcile in season 2. As a result, we anticipate that many voice actors will repeat their roles for the next season. Additionally, we may see new faces.

By The Grace Of The Gods Season 2 Trailer

There is no official trailer for Season 2 of ‘By The Grace Of The Gods.’ The official teaser is expected to debut next year, in 2022. Once the trailer becomes ready, we will instantly update this area.

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