The Night Before Christmas By Kirk Franklin Gives High School Crushes Hope For Reconnection

Lifetime and Hallmark have made a whole genre of holiday movies, about meeting a hot guy or girl from home. In many of the most popular Hallmark movies, women meet the man of their dreams when they return to or visit a small town. In a few others, someone returns to their small town from the big city and starts to miss their ex, who left. “Heart of the Holidays” and “A Country Christmas Harmony” are both Hallmark movies about getting back together with an ex. With a bit of Christmas magic, love can grow again.

In holiday TV movies, it doesn’t happen very often that someone wins over their high school crush. “Kirk Franklin’s The Night Before Christmas,” a new holiday movie on Lifetime, is about a pastor who finally gets the attention of his high school crush. Luke James, Lorea Turner, and Naturi Naughton are among the actors in the movie. “The Night Before Christmas” by Kirk Franklin talks about many things, like fixing a broken relationship and how people come together during the holidays.

But romantics might like how it gives hope to people who want to get back in touch with a high school crush.

It Shows How Changing Yourself Can Give You A Second Chance

In “Kirk Franklin’s The Night Before Christmas,” Pastor Adam, played by Luke James, and Journee, played by Naturi Naughton, meet again many years after they graduate high school. They didn’t talk much in high school and haven’t done so since.

While apart, Journee had a child, moved several times, and lost her husband. Adam is now a popular youth pastor. They have both been through hard times that have changed them and made them better people.

They grow as people throughout their lives, which lets them leave behind their high school selves and become fully grown adults. Darcy Sterling, an expert on Tinder dating and relationships, says that if Adam or Journee still talked about how great they were in high school, that would be a red flag. Sterling told Cosmopolitan that holding on to someone’s glory days could signify that you put them on a pedestal they didn’t deserve. Their best years may have been in high school, and they may have yet to reach their full potential.

Journee and Adam are lucky because high school stays in high school. They both live in the present.

It Shows How Having Things In Common Can Bring People Closer Together

In one part of “The Night Before Christmas” by Kirk Franklin, Journee talks about one of their high school teachers. Adam can say that they both went to the same high school because of this. Then she starts to think about him.

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This gives them a chance to talk about things they both went through in high school. They can also think about their high school mistakes, like Adam not having the courage to speak with Journee.

Assistant professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine Dr. Brian Iacoviello told Glamour, ” Having similar experiences in the past can be a great way to start a relationship. They can help ensure that the person you’re dating is somewhat like you.” Journee and Adam may have similar values and beliefs because they were raised similarly, at least when they were teenagers. This turns out to be accurate, as both seem to have a special place in their hearts and lives for church and religion.

The things they’ve done in the past also help them talk to each other more and turn their flirtation into a real romance.

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