Britney Spears: What Is The Phenomenal Songstress’s Estimated Net Worth As Of 2020?

Britney Spears is one of the best singer-performer the world has ever had. She has numerous massive hits to her name.

Britney Spear’s Total Net Worth?

The 38-year-old singer rose to fame in 1999 when she delivered her first successful musical hit titled ‘Baby One More Time”. And since then she reigned over the world of pop.

Her songs were very popular in the 2000s, especially among teenagers. In a word, we have grown up listening to Britney Spears. Her hits like Oops! I did it again, Piece of Me, Troubled, just to name a few earned her massive fame.

She has more than nine albums to her name and infinite singles. Spears had the entire world groove to her songs in her world tours. Apart from that, she has also been the judge of many reality shows.

Britney Spears
Source: CNN

Her career was not only confined to music but she tried her hands in acting projects as well. She portrayed the lead role in the 2002 blockbuster Crossroads. Apart from that, she was seen in several series as well. With rising fame, she also became one of the highest-paid singer performers.

She was paid $15 million to judge the singing reality show X-Factor. Apart from that she also had massive earnings from her concerts and world tours.

But as we know that the singer has not been quite active for a few years since her public breakdown in 2008. Since then she has been put in the conservatorship of her father.

This has affected her net worth as well. As per Forbes, Spear’s net worth has dropped to somewhere around $60 Million.

Conservatorship Battle

We all know that Spears was suffering from series health issues which caused her public break down in 2008. She was termed to be unfit to handle her own career. Due to which she was put into her father’s conservatorship for 12 years.

Her father was the one taking all the decisions on her behalf. But things took a turn when Britney finally came out and claimed that she was completely fine to take charge of her own life.

Britney Spears
Source: Daily Mail

And she accused her father of not letting her free. That marked the beginning of the ongoing legal battle between the father-daughter duo. In the recent hearing, Britney said that she won’t resume her work and won’t do any live shows until and unless her father is removed as her conservator.

But it seems like her father Jamie Spears is not ready to set her free. If Spears will be termed a completely fit and fine by medical authorities then there are chances that she might be removed from her father’s guardianship.

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