Brad Pitt: How Much Is The Total Net Worth Of Hollywood’s Most Desirable Actor?

Brad Pitt is undoubtedly Hollywood’s one of the most successful actors. He has been a part of numerous big budget movies.

How Much Is The Total Net Worth Of Brad Pitt?

The actor has been entertaining us with his phenomenal performances for decades. And all the big banner production houses die to work from him.

Pitt has been a part of infinite big-budget Hollywood movies for decades. He has been a part of blockbusters like Fight Club, Se7en, Thelma and Louise, Spy Game, just to name a few. And with such projects to his kitty, he has absolutely earned a fortune.

Brad Pitt
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He is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. Since the early 90s, he has been charging in millions for his roles. In the year 2001, he charged a whopping amount of $10 Million for his role in Ocean’s Twelve. With that, he also receives a certain amount of backend receits of many films.

And he has not been making a fortune just by acting but he also owns a production company named plan B which earns very high revenue. So combing what he has earned from his movies as well as from the production company we have an accurate figure of his estimated net worth as of 2020.

As per Forbes, Brad Pitt owns a whopping amount of $300 Million as his estimated net worth.

Legal Battle

One of the world’s richest battle is amid havoc in his personal life. As his divorce proceedings and custodial battle with ex-wife Angelina Jolie has taken an ugly turn

The former couple separated a few years back but their divorce proceedings were still at a halt. But this year Jolie and Pitt are amid their legal divorce proceedings. Moreover, they are also facing each other in court for a decision related to the custody of their six children.

Brad Pitt
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But things are taking a disastrous turn as Jolie was not satisfied with the divorce proceedings. She started throwing tantrums that the proceedings are not going on on a fair basis.

Because the judge of their case knows Pitt personally and is actually related to him by some means. So Jolie thinks that the judgement would be inclined towards Pitt.

But that resulted in a terrible fight between the former couple. Pitt blamed her for throwing unnecessary tantrums and hampering the divorce proceedings.

As of the now the conclusion of their custodial battle is yet to be made. But the former couple is trying their best to be there for the kids. They have been setting an example of co-parenting effectively despite having too many differences.

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