Brightburn 2: A planned sequel? What release date?

Brightburn is now available on Netflix! Continue reading to learn when Brightburn 2 will be available!

While the caring couple who takes in a baby from the stars isn’t known as the Kents, and their town is referred to as Brightburn rather than Smallville, Brightburn is intended to be a reimagining of Superman’s origin.

The film speculates on what might have happened to Clark Kent’s family history if his abilities had caused him to go insane. The expected reaction is massive carnage, with more to come.

Brightburn doesn’t end with young Brandon Breyer solving the problem. Read on to find out what happened at the end of Brightburn.

His adoptive parents are killed when they try to stop him, he temporarily hides his crimes by attempting to destroy an airliner over his own home, and as the credits roll, we learn that he has left Brightburn, Kansas far behind and is killing on a larger scale all over the world. We have the answer to whether or not Brightburn 2 will be released!

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The film was released in 2019. The release date for Brightburn 2 has been set, but production has yet to begin. James Gunn, the producer, is currently working on Suicide Squad and will continue to work on Brightburn after that. He also just finished work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

As a result, we believe Brightburn 2 will be available in 2024! Those who want to watch Brightburn 2 on Netflix will have to wait until 2025 or 2026 if the film is released in theatres in 2024!

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BRIGHTBURN 2 Expected Plot

Brightburn concludes with a credits scene that alternates between news footage of Brandon wreaking havoc and clips from a YouTube conspiracy theory show produced by Big T, an Alex Jones-like character.

Brightburn 2 release date

As Big T explains, Brightburn isn’t the only superpowered being on the planet. According to numerous reports, there are superhuman serial killers. In the Brightburn universe, there are evil versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

Brightburn 2 will include an evil Justice League, as well as a version of DC’s Trinity and other superheroes. Brightburn 2 could take a number of different paths, including one in which Brightburn and his friends compete to devise a plan to take over the world.

Another possibility is that, in a nod to the 2017 film Justice League, Brightburn and his fellow villains are forced to band together when a powerful hero appears and threatens to wipe them all out.

In any case, “Unite the League” would take on new significance in the sequel.

BRIGHTBURN 2 Expected Cast

  • Royce will be played by Abraham Clinkscales.
  • Tori Breyer is played by Elizabeth Banks.
  • Ms. Espenschied is played by Jennifer Holland.
  • Brandon Breyer is played by Jackson A. Dunn.
  • Merilee McNichol is played by Meredith Hagner.
  • Kyle Breyer will be played by David Denman.
  • Noah McNichol will be played by Matt Jones.


A trailer for Brightburn 2 has yet to be released. We will notify you as soon as we receive information from the production side.

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Some FAQs about BRIGHTBURN 2

Is Brightburn’s Brandon Superman?
Characteristics of a Villain

Brandon, in a twist on the typical Superman story, is an extraterrestrial sent to Earth with the sinister intent of taking over for his race that sent him on this mission. He crashes lands in Brightburn, Kansas, and is adopted by a couple who are unable to have children.

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