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Brightburn 2 Release Date & Confirmation in 2022!

Superhero films are the word of the town, and their enviable success over the years, nearly dominating the box office with each release, combined with the steady introduction of new properties through spinoffs, sequels, and prequels of even a mildly successful property being greenlit left, right, and center, has led some in the business to believe that the genre and market may soon be overcrowded with superheroes. 

In such a case, I am certain that anything along the lines of ‘Brighburn’ is the way to go. I believe that something like ‘Brightburn’ was conceptualized as a response to the fear of saturation and the need to make something unique with something highly successful.

Regardless of the quality or popularity of the preceding picture, it’s a win-win situation, even if just in terms of demonstrating to future filmmakers the limitless possibilities within the field of superheroes. 

Naturally, this does not preclude the producers from capitalizing on its appearance or even conceptual success. 

As the titles sequence for ‘Brightburn’ implies, a new shared world is already underway, and ‘Brightburn‘ may likely see a sequel or spinoff shortly. It is all we currently know about it.

Brightburn 2 Release Date

We cannot estimate when Brightburn 2 will be released in theatres. James Gunn, the producer of Brightburn 2, is now planning and organizing a production of The Suicide Squad; only after that will he be able to look forward to Brightburn 2. 

After the success of Brightburn, the producer must be looking forward to creating the sequel until the acclaim and respect for the first film dwindles. 

It was a huge success, as the film is presently generating around 13 million dollars at the box office on a budget of only $6 million. 

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It might be why Netflix is the primary consumer since memberships are growing rapidly. The public enjoys films of this genre; after all, everyone loves Superman and horror films, making them more captivating for viewers. 

It is rapidly approaching the top ten in this genre, making it a pleasant surprise to stream for everyone.

As a result, it is predicted that the producers will begin reshooting shortly and see Brightburn 2 in mid-2022.

Brightburn 2 Plot

While there is no overt mid- or post-credits scene in ‘Brightburn,’ a series of news clippings immediately before the credits reveal what Brandon is up to now that nearly no one he knows would stand in the way of his global dominance. 

Rapidly flashing news sequences now refer to him as “Brightburn,” and Brandon is seen using his abilities to perform acts of devastation, demolishing buildings and murdering hundreds of people while also briefly setting fire to his double B emblem on a field.

This, however horrific in its execution, is the diametrically opposite of what one would expect from a ‘Superman’ film, which we now know better to end on an optimistic and hopeful note, establishing ‘Brightburn’ as the polar opposite of any of the ‘Superman’ films, from his origins to his internal struggles to finally being a man simply trying to do good. 

If the filmmakers want to follow this up with a direct sequel, I’m sure a few seconds of that news footage will give us a good indication of what it will be about before branching out into a shared world, as the following piece suggests.

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The second section of the credits sequence is what gets me excited. Michael Rooker, who previously starred as Yondu in the first two James Gunn-directed ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ films, appears as a conspiracy theorist during the news loop, revealing a Brightburn-like figure hovering above scenes of horrific devastation. 

He lamentably argues that the appearance of Brightburn confirms his suspicions about additional superpowered monsters existing among them. 

He then mentions a sea creature that resembles a person and has been known to devour people, clearly a horrifying twist on another famous DC concept, Aquaman, or the witch who strangled people with her clever rope ties, clearly a horrific play on Slipknot.

This credits sequence left me cold, particularly given that the film itself wasn’t exactly a great hit, despite my excitement for how all of this may play out. 

We’re unsure whether this ConjuringXDC world will take off, but it certainly sounds intriguing and convoluted. At this moment, it’s anyone’s guesses what route the franchise will go or even whether it will evolve at all.

We’ve watched many films that leave us with the impression that much more of what was conveyed is yet to come. 

It is unquestionably the era of crossovers, easter eggs, and, more crucially, shared worlds, and the groundwork for the latter is ripe and ready for the taking, just as the MCU demonstrated. 

Naturally, the creators of ‘Brightburn’ have envisioned a common world for Brightburn to inhabit, complete with creatures with superhero-like beginnings.

To be entirely realistic, not all films with post-credits sequences or Easter Eggs become sequels or full-fledged franchises. Consider the instance of ‘Hellboy,’ which was released last month and had many tone easter eggs and up to three mid- and post-credits sequences. 

Given the film’s failure to deliver, it’s impossible to determine if any of these would occur. Thus, it may be put down to business, with the destiny of every franchise being determined by the audience it can attract and retain years after the original one’s credits have rolled.

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