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“Big Mouth” Season 6 New Cast And Characters On Netflix 

This article is about the upcoming season of “Big Mouth” on Netflix. In this season, there are a lot of new cast members and characters that will be voiced by some notable performers. This article has a list of who will voice what new characters along with their name and part in the show.

Big Mouth is back for its sixth season of exploring the scary, horny, and confusing world of tweenage sexuality with intelligence, sensitivity, and unapologetic raunch. As with every new season, we’ve been given a bunch of new characters, some of whom will be around for the whole thing and others of whom we’ll only see once.

This season has a lot of interesting new characters, such as a love interest for Missy (played by Ayo Edebiri), a new relative for Nick (played by Nick Kroll), and three possible boy-band daddies for Lola (played by, among others, Nick Kroll) (also Nick Kroll).

Here’s a handy list of which famous actors will voice which new characters. No more trying to figure out where that harsh Scottish accent or twangy Broadway belter came from. We’ve got you.

Brian Tyree Henry As Elijah

This year, there’s a new kid at Bridgeton Middle School. His name is Elijah, and Missy and her Hormone Monstress are immediately interested in him (Thandiwe Newton). Elijah just moved from Virginia. He seems to be very religious, and he will play a big role in Missy’s storyline for the rest of the season. Brian Tyree Henry gives him a voice.

He’s probably best known for his Emmy-nominated role as Alfred on Atlanta, but he’s also become a big name in movies, playing a crime boss in Widows and a superhero in Eternals. Starting next week, he can be seen in the Apple TV+ movie Causeway, opposite Jennifer Lawrence, for which he was nominated for a Gotham Award.

Chris O’Dowd as Flanny O’Lympic

In one of a few crossovers from the Big Mouth spinoff Human Resources, we meet love bug Flanny O’Lympic, who has been sent to Andrew (John Mulaney) now that he’s falling for his long-distance girlfriend Bernie Sanders (Kristen Schaal).

He is voiced by Irish actor Chris O’Dowd, who is popular in both the U.K. and the U.S. He made his name in the U.K. with The IT Crowd and then in the U.S. with Bridesmaids and Girls. He also starred in the Epix show Get Shorty.

Peter Capaldi as Seamus MacGregor

Peter Capaldi does a good job as Malcolm Tucker on the British TV comedy show The Thick of It and in the movie In the Loop, which is based on the same show. It’s funny because of this that his other most famous role was as the 12th Doctor on the TV show Doctor Who. He will be the voice of Seamus MacGregor, Nick Birch’s long-lost grandfather, who is a mean old Scottish brawler (or, more accurately, a nipple-twister).

Juliet Mills as Rita St. Swithens

In the first season of Human Resources, Rita St. Swithens played the mother of the Shame Wizard, whose voice was done by David Thewlis. Then Dame Helen Mirren was the one who gave her a voice. This season on Big Mouth, she will be voiced by English actress Juliet Mills. She will be in charge of three stories about “Vagina Shame.”

Juliet Mills is the sister of Hayley Mills, who was in The Parent Trap. In 1972, she played opposite Jack Lemmon in Billy Wilder’s film Avanti!, but most people today know her best as the witch Tabitha from the now-canceled daytime soap Passions.

Annaleigh Ashford as The Rice Purity Test

This season of Big Mouth, stage and screen actress Annaleigh Ashford gives a voice to a quiz that has been turned into a person. This shows that she really can do it all. The middle schoolers start passing around the latest version of the Rice Purity Test, which has been around for decades.

It’s one of those questionnaires that get passed around from time to time, and it asks people to check off everything they’ve done, from holding hands to kissing to having sex in public and getting an STI. Everyone gets all worked up about the scores and what they say about how sheltered or wild they are. But not before the Test gets to sing a song.

It works well for Ashford, who has written Broadway musicals like Kinky Boots, Legally Blonde, and Hair. She won a Tony Award in 2015 for the play You Can’t Take It With You. She also played Paula Jones on American Crime Story: Impeachment, and she was the star of the CBS sitcom B Positive, which was just canceled.

Tyler the Creator as Jesus

One of the questions on the Purity Test is about dancing “without leaving room for Jesus.” This makes Missy curious, but it scares Elijah. And since this is Big Mouth, Tyler the Creator, a rapper and founding member of Odd Future, voices JC in a cameo. Tyler has done voice work for animated shows like Axe Cop and The Jellies! He has also made a few appearances on Jim Carrey’s Showtime show Kidding.

Cole Escola as Montel

If you’ve seen Human Resources, you know that the first season ended with Nick Kroll’s character, Maury the Hormone Monster, getting pregnant by Connie (Maya Rudolph), who was not happy about the idea. This season of Big Mouth takes that storyline all the way to the end, and the non-binary child they have is named Montel.

Cole Escola, a non-binary comedian and cabaret performer best known for their roles as Matthew on Hulu’s Difficult People and Chip Wreck on Search Party, will give the kid’s voice.

Jeff Goldblum as The Apple Brooch

You know who Jeff Goldblum is! Jeff Goldblum! He played Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park. On Independence Day, he played a man who stutters but is right about everything. In The Fly, he played the Fly. He has also been in movies like Thor: Ragnarok and Search Party, and he hosts the Disney+ show The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

He will be the voice of the Apple Brooch, the newest must-have tech item that has everyone on Big Mouth vying for the status that comes with owning one.

As Bros 4 Life, Ed Helms, Adam Levine, and Matt Rogers

A new season of Big Mouth wouldn’t be complete without a big story for Lola Skumpy, and this one is big. A question about who the father is coming up, and like all great fictional paternity mysteries, it will be solved by a reference to Mamma Mia! Three members of the “famous boy band after 9/11” Bros 4 Life show up on Lola’s doorstep, and each of them could be her father.

The Bros are voiced by Ed Helms from “The Office,” Adam Levine from “The Voice” and “Maroon 5”, and Matt Rogers from “I Love That for You” and “Fire Island.” There will, of course, be a lot of boy-band production numbers.

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