Best 7 Educational Movies for Students

If you want to spend your day with pleasure and learn something new, the best educational movies are a good option. Here you can see films on various topics. Choose a rom-com, something from history, psychology, etc. Each of them contains excellent ideas and an exciting plot. It seems from first sight that films and series are a waste of time. It’s a stereotype. We have compiled the list of brilliant films of various genres that would be beneficial for high school students in 2022. They can even be used for watching in a school classroom with a teacher.

The collection consists of the movies to watch but if you are rather a series fan, a Netflix series for college students has some ideas for a good old TV night.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

The main idea of this biopic is “Never give up”. The main character Chris Gardner makes his way from a poor scanners distributor to an extremely rich person. He has to raise his child Christopher Junior and there is trouble in his relationship with his wife and many other challenges. The lack of money, unpaid internship, and many other hardships are on his way to success. But despite it, Chris Gardner becomes successful and has got a beneficial offer, in the end, thanks to social skills. The film teaches the students to use every opportunity and that everything is possible to achieve. And the music, one has to admit, is amazing.

The Imitation Game (2014)

This modern American historical thriller would be interesting for Computer Sciences students. The film turns the viewers back to the past. The movie is about the activity of famous crypto analyst Alan Turing, who made a great contribution to the victory in World War II. He could understand the details, read the Nazi code and use his excellent knowledge. Human genius inspires us to follow, doesn’t he?

Searching for Bobby Fisher (1993)

It is a true story of a chess player Josh Waitzkin who is studying in middle school. A star boy Josh developed his talent for chess at a very early age. Here Josh is compared with famous chess player Bobby Fisher, the first who comes to mind. “The moral is that you have to make an effort for global success and dreams. The main idea is how to bring up a champion and how to help kids to become geniuses” says the writer at Prof. Margaret Simmons, who researched this movie in the educational context. The film will be interesting for students of different specializations, especially for teachers and chess players. It is even a guide for every family for decades.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

It’s an american Сhristmas fantasy movie directed by Frank Capra. The main character George Bailey is thinking of suicide before Christmas, but his angel tries to stop him. It is a transformation of values. George tries to be helpful to a community, finds lots of things on what to do, and understands that his existence is wonderful and meaningful. The film critic Angie Errigo has called this film “a supremely entertaining homily on simple goodness”.

When We Were Kings (1996)


It is a documentary film about Muhhamad Ali and his fight with George Foreman at the tournament. The real heavyweight championship was held in 1974. This film has won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1996. The main idea of the movie is how to strive for victory a lot and achieve everything you want. Muhammad worked hard for any positive change and the status of world champion. The professional boxer is shown as a personality and is a sample for those who are interested in sports.

The Theory of Everything (2014)

This movie is an opportunity to look at Stephen Hawking from the other side. The plot is based on the book “Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen” written by his first wife Jane. It tells us about their romance, his success in science and education, and a period of fighting a difficult disease. Jane loved Stephen despite his illness and was a support for many years. It is full of love and challenges. If you want to know more about famous personalities, this journey to the past and drama is for you.

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (2005)

This film is a business and career documentary. The plot is according to the book with the same name. The main question is why did the collapse of Enron Corporation happen? And who from the team is guilty. There are criminal trials and adventures. This movie has got several awards.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we must admit that there are many educational films for every student or school learner. You can relax and learn something new. Watch a video in a classroom instead of a lesson. If you are a fan of intellectual films, you’ll of course see something interesting here. These movies are inspired by excellent plots, the truth in each story, and wonderful screenplay. They have got recognition from fans and professionals. And they teach young people. We tried not to spoil it, it’s better to see all the films with your eyes. Choose the attractive genre and topic, and enjoy a wonderful evening. Watching top films is one of the best ways of learning, isn’t it?


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