Tips for Choosing the Best Cable TV Provider on a Budget

In this connected world, we have access to unlimited content including movies, TV shows, sporting events, and much more. Unlike in the past, things have changed how people use to watch content.

In today’s era, most people either go for streaming TV services due to mobility, flexibility, and affordability. But for those who are having a big family normally opt for cable TV services. When it comes to picking the right cable package, it seems quite challenging and painful. There are several factors that should be considered such as cost, number of channels, and a few perks.

If you are thinking of subscribing to cable TV for the first time, just take a deep breath and read the post until the end. You will find some useful tips that will help you to pick the right cable TV service. Let’s get started.

Find What Options Are Available

Cable TV services are not available in every area. Especially, if you are living in a rural area, you can only subscribe to satellite TV. In order to find the nearest cable TV provider in your area, you can log on to different websites, and enter your zip code and location. The results will show the nearest cable TV, providers.

Once you have a list of all the options, now it is time to start digging. Ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors about their experience with a particular cable provider. What are the pros and cons, monthly charges, and an additional fee? Moreover, don’t forget to ask about their customer support and downtime.

You can also check the overall reputation of the cable service providers through the American Customer Satisfaction Index telecommunication report. The report tells everything about the happiness of customers.

Analyze What Channels You Want to Watch

In a report by Nielsen 2016, it was found that American adults get around 205 channels. However, they only watch 20 of them. From the report, it can be concluded that people are paying for channels that they don’t even watch. You surely don’t want to be one of those.

Instead, you can make a list of channels you watch on a regular basis. Now look for service providers who are offering those channels without exceeding the limits. Be realistic about what you frequently watch, and those that are not watched regularly. Paying an extra $10 per month is not justified at all if you are tight on budget.

You must also consider whether you are going to watch the channels provided by cable providers or decide to combine free TV with streaming TVs such as Hulu or Netflix.

Bundling Helps You Save More

If you are one of the 13% of Americans who do not use the internet, this section is not for you. However, if you want to use the internet and cable TV, bundling is a better option. Bundling helps you pay less and save more because you will get two services at the price of one. If you doubt it, you can try Spectrum cable TV for a huge channel lineup and free HD. Moreover, you can also contact spectrum servicio al cliente for all queries and concerns.

An ideal internet and TV bundle can help you save as much as $1000 over two years. However, it depends on your location and your needs. You will need to analyze what internet speed you need, depending on how many devices are going to be connected simultaneously. Moreover, you also need to find whether the internet is for normal usage such as browsing and socializing or heavy usage like gaming and streaming.

Companies offering bundles use clever tricks to trap customers. However, they may charge extra fees on completion of the first and second year along with other charges like equipment cost, installation fees, and more.

Do Ask for the Deals

Cable companies usually offer a great deal for new customers. For instance, you can rebate up to $50 along with free installation and access to premium channels for the first six months. However, before the promo period ends, make sure to analyze the cost you need to pay – or otherwise be prepared for the hefty amount due on your behalf.


When it comes to choosing a cable TV provider, you have to be quite vigilant. Paying not enough attention to prices and additional costs, you will end up regretting your decision. If you look at different cable providers in your area, you will come across the one offering affordable packages that no one could refuse. However, before you take the package without giving a second thought, it is better either to call customer support for further assistance.

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