Ben Affleck Back Tattoo: What Jlo say, Is it real, How many tattoos and Many more

Ben Affleck possesses many abilities, but good taste in tattoos is not one of them. While the huge phoenix suddenly emerging from the ashes on his back is undoubtedly his most well-known tattoo, Ben really has several other tattoos on his body. Of course, none of these non-phoenix options are so outrageous that not one, but two of his ex-girlfriends felt compelled to go on record about how much they despise ’em, but ya know.

Without further ado, she warned, here is an extensive and slightly troubling run-down of Ben Affleck’s “body art,” a strange collection of drawings that keep many people (including me) awake at night.

What did JLo say about Ben Affleck tattoo?ben affleck back tattoo

“His tattoos are always excessively colourful,” she remarked. “You know what I mean? They shouldn’t be so bright. I don’t know, they should be cooler.” Maybe that’s why Affleck, who acknowledged in 2019 the “important” tattoo is real, didn’t take his top off while celebrating Lopez’s 52nd birthday on a yacht.

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Is Ben Affleck’s back Tattoo real?

Ben’s large back tattoo was shown while filming shirtless sequences for the 2019 Netflix film Top Frontier.

Ben initially claimed that the tattoo was a hoax, but later acknowledged its authenticity, dubbing it the “phoenix rising from his ass” tattoo.

He went on to say that the phoenix tattoo “represents something essential” to him but did not elaborate.

The celebrity has four additional tattoos, but they are not as huge.

When did Ben Affleck get his back tattoo?

Affleck unveiled the much-maligned tattoo in 2015, during his divorce from ex-wife Jennifer Garner. While he initially claimed the ink was fake, he has now defended it, admitting that the public reaction was “not so much positive.” It means something very meaningful to me.

How many Tattoo Ben Affleck have?

Dolphin Tattoodolphin tattoo ben affleck

The Giant Phoenix Tattoophoenix tattoo ben Affleck

OV Tattooov tattoo ben affleck

Huge Cross and Flowers Tattoocross and flower tattoo ben affleck

Barbed Wire with Tree and Band of Roses Tattoo

ben Affleck tattoo

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