Mia Khalifa Boyfriend: Her dating life And Relationship Timeline

You must be familiar with Mia Khalifa. After all, the web is our home, and it’s difficult to be unfamiliar with such a well-known online star. The personality is self-evident. 

After becoming engaged in 2019 and then divorcing in 2020, the next question was inevitable: Who is Mia Khalifa’s new boyfriend?

Mia Khalifa, one of the internet’s most recognizable figures, has consistently attracted press headlines. 

Whether it’s having a song named after you that became a Tik Tok phenomenon (although it was a false account that sparked the whole thing), is embroiled in a diplomat scandal, or almost becoming the United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (I mean, there was a demand raised for the petition on the same). Mia has been the talk of the internet. You need to take a quick check at Twitter to understand what I’m talking about.

Thus, in our most recent installment of what the internet fraternity needs to know, Who is Mia Khalifa’s new boyfriend? Yes, we must address the question.

Mia Khalifa Boyfriend

We currently have formal confirmation. Mia Khalifa is indeed dating. Jhay Cortez is Mia Khalifa’s new lover (drum roll, please!). Yes, you heard correctly. Mia Khalifa appears in Jhay Cortez’s new music video for ‘En Mi Cuarto’ (In My Room).

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The world was left in limbo in the summer of 2021. The internet was abuzz with activity. That Mia Khalifa had rekindled her romance. Mia Khalifa’s new beau has arrived in town. 

Separated from his soon-to-be-husband in late 2020, he was intrigued by the notion. And everyone became a part of the rumor mill to churn out the truth.

The rumor began early and was reinforced further when Mia Khalifa appeared at Jhay Lopez’s performance. This concert appearance is not coincidental. And it was shown to be accurate. It was not a coincidental occurrence.

We know the mysterious man now, namely Mia Khalifa’s new boyfriend, Mr. Jhay Cortez.

Who is Jhay Lopez?

Jess Manuel Nieves Cortez, aka Jhay Cortez, was born on April 9, 1993, in New Jersey. As a result, Jhay Cortez can communicate in both English and his original tongue, Spanish.

Cortez’s enthusiasm for music is obvious because he began writing music at the age of 15. Notably, one of his songs for Tito El Bambino was eventually included on a Latin Grammy-winning album. 

That is quite an accomplishment. Jhay Cortez debuted as a solo artist in 2017. Before that, he spent four years as a singer with the group Stereo 4.

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Cortez began his ascension in 2019. His first album, ‘Famous,’ landed on the Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, the album is now certified triple platinum.

Following the concert incident, these two gained more attention when a video of the two lovebirds together was uploaded online.

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