Bargain Bock Season 2

Bargain Bock Season 2: All The Latest Updates and Everything We Know So Far


For a TV show, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are home renovation experts who make their dream come true by remodeling the homes in the well-known city of Detroit. They buy properties that have been damaged or abandoned and turn them into homes for first-time homebuyers that are both cheap and stylish. This is what they do. The best thing is that they use high-quality second-hand goods and other DIYs to make the house look good.

Bargain Bock: What’s The Show Is About

In this home improvement show, the hosts buy old homes and turn them into nice ones. Start from scratch. No, I don’t want to know. There is still so much to learn. A great designer called Keith Bynum makes great things look good. Evan Thomas is a good carpenter. “One house at a time” is their main goal. When they buy the houses, they make them look good so that they can sell them at low prices to people who want a new home. Also, while they’re renovating, both of them do a lot of the work and try to keep their costs down by using low-cost materials, second-hand goods, and a lot of DIYs.

Each house has a unique style and theme that makes it unique. Then, they move on to the next house. Here’s the fun part. We all know the hosts, right? They are very comfortable with each other, and they are also good friends and partners. There are two of them, so it makes sense that we feel that way. There is a reason why they are so close in real life, too. Yes, they met on a dating site called while they were in Colorado. They have been together ever since.

Though we don’t know if they are married, they don’t seem to have any children. Cool and exciting to work and live together with your partner. Like you and your friends will always be together. We need to think about what else we want in a relationship before we start. Keith and Evan feel the same way. They are excited to work with each other and get to know each other better, so they are both happy. When they think about the times they talked about their future, like what would happen if they stayed apart, they laugh. As they grow and build their life together, look at them.

No, we didn’t notice that. How did they get there? Both Bynum and Thomas are from Texas. Both of them were living in Colorado, where they met and decided to start a business that would help people improve their homes. Bynum did some research into the markets and decided that Detroit would be a better place to start their business because it had a lot of people. They were drawn to the city because of its cool vibe and scene.

At the start of 2017, Bynum came to Detroit with some money so he could buy a house here. Soon after that, Thomas agreed to be a partner with him. As long as they had decided to start their business in Detroit, they were not sure how the people there would react. But to their surprise, the people of Detroit, especially their neighbors, were very excited about their ideas. There, their journey began, and it will go on for a long time.

Bargain Bock Season 2 Release Date

During the first season of Bargain Block, there are nine episodes. In the beginning, they tried to fix up the houses with their own hands. When the first season came out in 2021, it was April 14. A home renovation show was rare at the time. This was the first time people watched it with curiosity. This is what shocked the audience: They turned a house that no one wanted into a stylish and unique one with very few and used things.

Quite a lot of people didn’t like season 1. Because of this, they were able to keep their show going and came up with season 2. There is still no word on when the movie will be out officially. Keth Bynum, Evan Thomas, and Shea Hicks-Whitefield will still be on the show when it starts up again in 2022. ten new hour-long shows are coming up in Season 2. The three friends are renovating their house in Detroit. So stay tuned to find out when the show is coming out. Until then, stay calm, because some shows are worth waiting for.

Bargain Bock Season 2 Cast
Bargain Bock Season 2 Cast

Bargain Bock Expected Cast Details says Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are not just hosts of the show, but they are also real-life friends. A while ago, they were together. The couple decided to help the people who live in Detroit by making their neighborhoods better and giving them new homes for cheap. As of 2012, Keith and Evan have been renovating homes. They have helped many people get their dream homes as well. They also try to keep their clients’ budgets in mind when they redecorate their homes. They do this at very low prices. The lowest they can sell their homes for is $1000. Not only that, but they also have a store in Detroit called Nine Furniture and Design, which is run by them. The couple has only recently moved to Detroit from Denver. Before that, they lived in Denver. These people want to help people who are buying their first home. They want to sell them cheap homes. It’s important to them that people stay in their own community and don’t move to another one.

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Bargain Bock Season 1 No. Of Episodes

1 Desert Modern and Mid-Century Museum  Apr 14, 2021
2 Dormer and Palm  Apr 21, 2021
3 White Box and Cottage  Apr 28, 2021
4 Calm Minds and Dark Moods  May 5, 2021
5 Safari and Country Estates  May 12, 2021
6 Farmhouse and Schoolhouse  May 19, 2021
7 Modern and Bohemian  May 26, 2021
8 Detroit Pride and Weird House  Jun 2, 2021
9 Craftsman and Classy Cape Cod  Jun 9, 2021

Bargain Bock Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Bargain Block is not available right now, instead, we have given a link to season one’s trailer.

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